[Pkg-libburnia-devel] Bug#800338: wodim: cant write/read using internal DVD GT34N for spesific DVD disc

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Mon Sep 28 07:43:36 UTC 2015


i assigned the bug report to libburn4 because the error message
comes from there. According to the posted log, wodim is not involded.
xfburn uses libburn4, too.

> BraseroLibburn SCSI error condition on command 2Ah WRITE(10):
> See MMC specs: Sense Key 3 "Medium error", ASC 0C ASCQ 80.
> ...
>         message = "SCSI error on write(0,16): See MMC specs: Sense Key 3 "Medium error", ASC 0C ASCQ 80."

The drive reported to the library that it cannot write to that
particular DVD-R. Already the first write command for writing
blocks 0 to 15 did fail.

This is not a software error but a problem between drive and
medium. It might change if you try to burn a different medium
or if you try to burn the failed medium in a different drive.
(If the failed burn attempt left it writable.)

Nevertheless there are some preparations sent from software
to drive which may make a difference on DVD-R. So it is not
completely outruled yet, that different software could yield
better results.

> fail to reads DVD that successfully burned using external DVD drive

This looks like the drive is failing. (How old is it ?
LG GT34N seems to be quite a recent model.)

Can the external drive read that DVD ?

I have some more questions your following statements:

> 2. Cant read spesific format DVD (its can readed by WinOS)

"spesific format DVD" riddles me.
Did you get a message about the specific DVD format ?
(From what program ? What was the exact message ?)

> 3. Same DVD can be burned using external DVD drive, but cant readed
> by internal DVD drive (its can read by winOS)

Was the external drive attached to a Linux computer while burning
and while reading ?

Were the write and read attempts on MS-Windows done with the
same drive that does not write or read under Linux ?
(I.e. did you boot Windows on the Linux machine ?)

Have a nice day :)


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