[Pkg-libburnia-devel] libburnia-1.4.8 released

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Wed Sep 13 14:44:03 UTC 2017


libburnia project is pleased to announce the release of version 1.4.8:

libburn,    a burn backend library for CD, DVD and BD.
cdrskin,    a burn backend binary with a command line interface
            compatible to cdrecord.
libisofs,   a library for creation and manipulation of ISO 9660
libisoburn, a library which coordinates libburn and libisofs
            to perform multi-session on all random access readable
            and writable media and file objects.
xorriso,    an integrated ISO 9660 multi-session tool with
            additional emulation of mkisofs.

System requirements:
- Linux   : kernel 2.4 or newer, libc, libpthread
- FreeBSD : libc, libpthread, IDE and SATA drives need atapicam
- Solaris : libc, libpthread
- NetBSD  : libc, libpthread
- OpenBSD : libc, libpthread
- on other X/Open systems there will be no direct operation of
  CD/DVD/BD drives, but only POSIX i/o which may or may not
  be offered by the system for DVD-RAM, DVD+RW, or BD-RE.


libburn now refuses to write to SRM+POW formatted BD-R, because it would
spoil them. libisofs got several bugs fixed and offers new API calls to
support new xorriso features. libisoburn and xorriso offer more detail
control with particular boot sector types. New bugs and a regression from
version 1.4.4 were fixed.

libburn and cdrskin novelties:

* Bug fix: Option -dummy did not affect writing by direct_write_amount=
* New API call burn_drive_reset_simulate()
* New API call burn_drive_get_bd_r_pow()
* Refusing to write to BD-R if formatted to Pseudo Overwrite

libisofs novelties:
* Bug fix: iso_read_opts_set_no_rockridge() did not prevent reading of root
* Bug fix: Non-SUSP data in System Use Area prevented image loading if
           Rock Ridge was enabled. Thanks to Jonathan Dowland.
* Bug fix: Protective MBR for GPT could emerge with boot flag set.
* Bug fix: Appended partitions of size >= 4 GiB led to abort with error message
           "FATAL : ISO overwrite". Thanks to Sven Haardiek.
* Bug fix: Bit 15 of iso_write_opts_set_system_area did not work with generic
* Bug fix: Keeping and patching of loaded boot images failed.
           Regression by version 1.4.4.
* Bug fix: Program crashes by intentionally wrong ISO image input.
           Found by American Fuzzy Lop and Jakub Wilk.
           Debian bug reports: 872372, 872475, 872545, 872590, 872761.
* New API calls el_torito_set_full_load(), el_torito_get_full_load().
* New API call iso_write_opts_set_iso_mbr_part_type().

libisoburn novelties:
* New API calls isoburn_igopt_set_iso_mbr_part_type(),

xorriso novelties:
* Bug fix: -as mkisofs -no-emul-boot without -boot-load-size defaulted to
           size 4, instead of full boot image size
* Bug fix: -read_fs "norock" did not prevent reading of root Rock Ridge info
* Bug fix: Mix of absolute and relative disk paths could cause SIGSEGV with
           pattern expansion
* Bug fix: --mbr-force-bootable did not get into effect with -append_partition
* Bug fix: Exit value of failed -mount command was reported as 0
* Bug fix: -boot_image actions "keep" and "patch" did not work any more.
           Regression by libisofs 1.4.4.
* New -find tests -maxdepth and -mindepth
* New commands -update_lxi and -update_li
* New -boot_image bootspec iso_mbr_part_type=
* New -as mkisofs option -iso_mbr_part_type
* New -as mkisofs option -eltorito-platform


Release tarballs need only vanilla tools for: ./configure ; make

libburn and cdrskin:


libisoburn and xorriso:

Downloads may be verified by
  gpg --keyserver keys.gnupg.net --recv-keys ABC0A854
  gpg --verify lib...x.y.z.tar.gz.sig lib...x.y.z.tar.gz

git tags need autotools >= 1.7 to apply command ./bootstrap

Starting points for more information:


Post bug reports or requests to this mailing list:
  mailto:pkg-libburnia-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org
with a Cc: to
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Have a nice day :)


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