[Pkg-libvirt-maintainers] Bug#558197: Bug#558197: libvirt: virtual linux machine stopped to boot while trying to mount the root FS

Vincent Danjean vdanjean at debian.org
Sun Dec 6 20:39:19 UTC 2009

Guido Günther wrote:
> Are you using qemu:///system? If so it's likely that the build against
> libcap-ng causes your problem. Are the images you're mouting belonging
> to root:libvirt?

Perms was the problem. If I set root:libvirt 660 to my disk images, it works
with the new version of libvirt.

I'm still thinking that if some special permissions are required, they should
be checked and displayed (in doc and at runtime if there is a problem).
  If I remember correctly (because I downgrade libvirt again, see below), kvm
is still run by root (as reported by ps, top, ...) so it is not easy to find
that a permission problem can arise and lead to a freeze of the VM.

  Moreover, I switch back to the old (testing) version of libvirt. I'm thinking
that my new problem is due to the same things (permissions problems).
I use a wrapper for /usr/bin/kvm in one of my VM in order to add the option
-usb -usbdevice host:auto:*.*:03f0:5b11
This allow connection/deconnection of my usb device to be correctly handled
by my VM.
  With libvirt 0.7.4-1, no connection/deconnection of usb is seen in the VM.
It works perfectly with libvirt 0.7.2-3


> Cheers,
>  -- Guido

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