[Pkg-libvirt-maintainers] Bug#531802: Bug#531802: libvirt0: bridges containing VLAN interfaces are not recognized

Guido Günther agx at sigxcpu.org
Thu Jun 4 10:13:51 UTC 2009

On Thu, Jun 04, 2009 at 11:21:27AM +0200, Andreas Unterkircher wrote:
>> The node listing is basically what hal exports. Are you seeing it from
>> within hal (lshal)?
> You are right, neither vlan152 nor br2 show up. But also not br0 and  
> br1, that ones which show up in virt-manager.
> lshal just lists the physical interfaces eth0 and eth1, not vlan152.
> unki at vmtest:~$ lshal | grep -iE eth0\|eth1\|vlan
>   linux.sysfs_path = '/sys/class/net/eth1'  (string)
>   net.interface = 'eth1'  (string)
>   linux.sysfs_path = '/sys/class/net/eth0'  (string)
>   net.interface = 'eth0'  (string)
> And here, no bridge interfaces listed by lshal.
> unki at vmtest:~$ lshal | grep -iE br0\|br1\|br2
> unki at vmtest:~$
> Looks like that what virt-manager displays in its dropdown box
>   eth0 (Bridge br0)
>   eth1 (Bridge br1)
> gets looked up elsewhere by libvirt.
virt-manager has extra code for this to detect bridges and bonding, see
src/virtManager/connection.py. There's also a _net_tag_device_added for
VLANs. Running virt-manager with --no-fork --debug should provide more
information on what's going on with that VLAN.
 -- Guido

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