[Pkg-linaro-lava-devel] Bug#789909: lavapdu: Obsolete ‘daemon.pidlockfile’ API migrated to ‘python-lockfile’ library

Ben Finney ben+debian at benfinney.id.au
Thu Jun 25 08:00:36 UTC 2015

Package: lavapdu
Version: 0.0.4-2
Severity: important


The ‘python-daemon’ library has in the past included an internal
‘daemon.pidlockfile’ module for its own use.

That functionality has migrated to the ‘lockfile’ distribution
(packaged in Debian as ‘python-lockfile’ or ‘python3-lockfile’)
version 0.9 and later.

In ‘python-daemon’ version 2 and later, the ‘daemon.pidlockfile’
module does not exist. Code which attempts to import it will fail.

A simple inspection (using ‘grep’) of the Python source for this
package shows it is using the obsolete ‘daemon.pidlockfile’ API, and
will fail with an ImportError.

If the package is unusable without that API, then this bug report
should be upgraded to “Severity: serious”.

You can fix this bug by:

* Work with upstream to remove references to ‘daemon.pidlockfile’, and
  to migrate to the ‘lockfile.pidlockfile’ API.

* Package the new upstream version of this package.

* Add to this package a “Depends: python-lockfile (>= 0.9)” and/or
  “Depends: python3-lockfile (>= 0.9)”.

* Release that package to Debian Sid.

If you've already done this, great! Please let me know so that I can
keep track of which packages are affected.

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