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Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 06 Jul 2017 18:21:32 +0100
Source: lava-server
Binary: lava-server lava lava-dev lava-server-doc
Architecture: source all
Version: 2017.7-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian LAVA team <pkg-linaro-lava-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Neil Williams <codehelp at debian.org>
 lava       - Linaro Automated Validation Architecture metapackage
 lava-dev   - Linaro Automated Validation Architecture developer support
 lava-server - Linaro Automated Validation Architecture server
 lava-server-doc - Linaro Automated Validation Architecture documentation
 lava-server (2017.7-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New production release
     a9390fc9a Remove debug hacking session from doc examples
     13edd8f12 Skip certain V1 unit tests on django 1.11 and later
     0577447fc Update query script for python3 and to output CSV
     0b3b0beb7 device-type: addresses fix for armada-3720-espressobin
     ed1e402e5 device-type: addresses fix for armada-3720-db
     c382a5aa0 device-type: fix at91sam9m10g45ek
     54a3b7a46 Apply change for distinct test case links to all results
     1824a18fb Adding uefi-menu tftp method
     71aac817e LAVA-363 - set the scheme in api/help from settings
     2c840debc base-uboot.jinja2: don't load DTB if append_dtb is set
     1b13a0e3e Fix extra keyword in api/help view
     2882529bc Provide an example script for using queries
     7f4cfe569 logs: continue to poll the log when canceling
     25eaab176 XMLRPC: add offline_info argument to list endpoint
     38f7570e3 XMLRPC: fix inconsistency between code and doc
     8c134839d LAVA-972 test case should use ID in URL.
     99725606c Remove references to OpenID and Crowd
     95b959602 XMLRPC: add a function to download job definition
     ebf80c266 XMLRPC: fix crash when device.worker_host is None
     b1ec14c89 LAVA-861 separate base-fastboot.jinja2 template
     c4fd79d57 Remove unused file
     7c066195a Remove deprecated django configuration
     520ac8778 XMLRPC: remove unused function
     3b8ab7d61 XMLRPC: do not raise an error when canceling twice
     cce1bdea6 XMLRPC: allow forcing a health check for a device
     218408db6 Handle the new log level called "input"
     b49d9fb96 Adding uefi parameters for vexpress
     4a52ba861 Allow overriding django system check values from
                settings as documented
     d2067a5f3 LAVA-987 fix log parsing
     bbc39489c results_app: API: add the 'run_query' function
     8746edb6b results_app: API: add the 'make_custom_query' function
     4fd429ac2 Add note on apache2 for V2-only workers
     641e61dcb Explain the handling of measurements and Decimal
     bf8f53bf5 Count going offline as busy in overview table
     06febd188 Expand on essential roles, results and sync
     815d41b52 Tighten advice on prompt strings in docs
     351f6fe41 Add documentation for login_commands in auto_login
     5a7d4be95 Avoid warning for health checks of retired devices.
     5713f5295 Document transfer_overlay deployment differences
     8f04c6097 Fix typo in multinode api documentation.
     fe2093994 device-types: add meson-gxl-s905x-khadas-vim
     853ee80e3 Move action fields templates to table files.
     12de946eb Allow bare except and override pep8
     dd4faacaf Enforce schema rules for metadata
     352049204 Add missing check for null key|value in metadata
     b77731b31 device-types: rcar-gen3-common: handle bigger kernels
     d2acb94a5 LAVA-983 - Helper for DeviceStateTransition
     b4208116c LAVA-980 - Fix django deployment warnings
     778fd4a8b Fix link to glossary term
     af85e5225 LAVA 931 - documentation.
     212e98a3a LAVA-976 Use the Django system check framework
     e9c7ad477 Adding commands for booting whatever the precanned defaults are
     f78c58811 Added device type for Cavium ThunderX
 lava-server (2017.6-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New production release
     daf1e2a lava-master: fix init script
     b6b5fe7 Reduce device configuration dynamic connections
     ebf4463 Fix a crash in the migration when the db is empty
     cdfeb12 Fix index out of range exception
     33092ef Adding usb deployment method to vexpress device template
     3257ee2 XML-RPC: remove unused imports
     55dd014 XML-RPC: fix crash when called by anonymous users
     a3d4718 XML-RPC: allow every user to get templates/dict
     ddaf693 Add documentation of feedback support.
     eaae89a Set a default connection timeout for lava-test-shell
     f305e47 publisher: fix umask
     c25686f logrotate: lava-master should be owned by lavaserver
     2da8e74 logs: except more exceptions
     14f5f6c Update docs for changes in 2017.6
     a486d12 Tidy up of debian support docs
     b05712d Preserve original comments when resubmitting
     19bd2db XML-RPC: add an api to manage aliases
     30973a0 Log an error when saving device configuration fails
     763239d Use --arch for fedora LXC example
     8f26102 XML-RPC: add a method to show tag details
     19a69f7 fix location of example test job files
     480a6f6 XML-RPC: add an api for handling jobs
     356667d Update installation docs for Stretch release
     da74ae5 XML-RPC: add a decorator for is_superuser check
     49f370c XML-RPC: add a clean api for device-types and aliases
     c6d503d commands/devices: extend devices command to add tags
     1655dbf Move set commands outside body block
     87b8c01 XML-RPC: add a clean api for workers and tags
     351c16b XML-RPC: add a clean api for devices
     c4dec1f device-types: add bcm2837-rpi-3-b
     9ca0e0d Adding combined vexpress device template
     67f531f Make lava_scheduler_app.api a module
     d3021a3 xmlrpc: add a system.version function
     3ef0157 linaro_django_xmlrpc: remove unused properties
     e994852 Use render shortcut instead of the loader
     e51ca21 linaro_django_xmlrpc: rework the application
     4bbe17c LAVA-959 run lava-master as lavaserver user
     b283288 Fix migrations from Debian Jessie to Stretch and ensure
              smooth upgrade.
     bc25204 LAVA 329 - Add old job URL to metadata when resubmitting a job.
     271723d LAVA-782 - Change error type for incorrect handling of
               custom queries.
     368903e notify: Don't send verbose mails when the job is cancelled
     71c514d Fix broken link in unit test.
     1f48674 LAVA-955 - Remove 'arch' parameter from lxc protocol.
     3b36ba0 Add auto_login test case in test_pipeline unit test
     e23bb17 Fix typo which causes XML-RPC error when saving device dict
     9a82aee XML-RPC: allow sub_modules
     b0c7a5b Document reboot and apply-overlay elements for fastboot
               deploy method.
     8a93049 LAVA-935 - Provide feedback output from connections
     d71f267 Fix typos in proxy configuration documentation.
     c7227b3 Fix rebase error in grub hikey test
     9253497 Only the master should create log directories
     1ee736b Allow every u-boot devices to use minimal boot
     e816c17 LAVA-832 allow to manage users from the command line
     eb83cbe Add grub interrupt prompt and interrupt character to constants
     ee79de2 LAVA-937 show job visibility and fix group visibility
     73b6d86 Prevent key error in metadata handling.
     f89e840 Improve job output migration helper
     eb1ad02 device dict: do not show exclusive flag
     3900276 Restore date-based subdirectories
     1faa9f0 LAVA-855 - ART CI: Intel NUC device integration for LAVA v2
     d195b01 Allow to revert (dummy) the migration
     35f0802 Fix device dict export
     da7ebe2 device dict: fix web rendering
     4a3daa9 Allow override of root for installed mustang.
     12c0508 Expand zmq_client to handle publisher socket
     34f3625 Trivial whitespace changes in glossary
     6246a5d Improve data export docs
     2af8e72 Allow for non-Const values in device dictionary
     59742fe Extend examples to use the DNS support for NFS
     c514296 Fix change in import paths for V1 and V2 scheduling
     765901e Add notes on advanced features for submission
     fd0905c Remove deprecated commands
     0237b85 Use CommandError whenever possible
     a1cc08b Improve device-type templates
     05123cc Missing conditional in device-type alias handling
     17af14e Move commands to lava_server app
     5bab54d Remove reference to unavailable boot method 'fastboot-boot-image'.
     78e9048 Add mediatek dt for v2
     49f27fa Allow in-place YAML include in V2 job submission.
     c2be83f Grub support for HiKey
     ae4d477 LAVA-757 Move device dictionaries to file system
     52eb1e1 Remove unused model JobPipeline
     9d0a5ae results: make the link unique
     55bf39f Add a callback_url functionality to notification schema.
     0324915 Add login_commands to the auto_login schema
     ce6d0f7 Don't reload template from disk on each access
 lava-server (2017.5-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New production release
     8ec2d6736 Fix jinja2 templates for default string handling
     eb39ec0fd Extend bbb template check for ssh_host support.
     55a251b87 Fix documentation example test job and remove unused
     7769be718 Update docs for change in submit behaviour.
     c10bf6197 Add more index items and detail on namespaces
     b9686e5b1 Mark V1 XML-RPC functions as deprecated.
     a0ac9894b Prevent health check warning when disabled
     78f796eee more silencing of unit test logging
     064bfabb9 Add a template for frdm-kw41z and delete a duplicate for k64f
     a08df108d Silence logging in more unit tests
     97dbd95b1 Extend power-off timeout for b2260
     0e39966d4 device-types: add Hardkernel meson8b-odroidc1 board
     b6151b003 Add support for aliases in device-type management
     15589b8d1 Fix some typos in development documentation.
     f476a351c device-types: base-uboot: use run bootcmd
     6911b8502 Expand notes on reviews
     cbbdcfcf4 Expand notes on code analysis around reviews
     970e52230 Drop confirmation page on job submit for V2 jobs.
     4a5050691 Device commands are allowed to be lists
     cc60805db Adjust hikey template to allow target_mac and ip support
     9d4878c40 Avoid forcing the date path immediately
     68497b557 Remove the character_delay block override for d03
     5aeed4aef Tags: fix HTML syntax errors
     a0ae8a62d Update doc for adding a pipeline worker.
     2f6287e71 Add Raspberry pi devices
     69a8f40c4 Add collection of Exynos 4 and 5 devices
     e31953519 Add more Tegra124 based devices
     b843bfaec Add more r-car generation 3 devices
     24d21cdb0 Add a note on https repositories and apt-transport-https package.
     c3b852798 Expand notes on portability
     c57c9f111 Fix doc to explain unprivileged containers and DUT interaction.
     2018f705c Show the requested device tags in the job log page
     96999537e Fix Action names (use - instead of _)
     f0a272b4b Extend recent job support to requested device type
     9040de9ca Add XML-RPC call to obtain job level metadata
     a04086dd7 api: add get_recent_jobs_for_device
     8bbd298f7 Set the documented flash_cmds_order for hikey
     c9b9453d1 Migrate many U-boot devices to v2 configuration
     613d17fb5 Tweak the developer workflow to skip devices/
     c59cc6c31 Add a unit test for some of the new UBoot support.
     e43e244b0 Remove unused imports and unused variables.
     e2b3784f4 Fix pep8 error
     af3cc6d42 Schema: Allow boolean variables in parameters
     4d5861607 Allow is_valid check to operate correctly.
     294bb62bd ensure device_type is checked
     b8ce5ba49 Add a note on developer branches
     11725bc3e doc: fix a small gap about test suites
     6280b94d7 Add "sd" for removable media
     21a5ecf6e Add "command" action to schema and device template
     8db43278a Add schema validation for test/monitor/name in job definition.
     0a5b1eaa3 tweak gitignore
     e3f003f63 templates: remove duplicated blocks
     f1331ef2e Exclude retired devices from Device Health table
     790b39b9d master: use yaml.CLoader that is way faster
     749a1081c Add notes on load balancing different bootloaders
     26b822d67 Add note on how pyudev replaces / with _
     cc9e4ea2c Allow to override U-boot bootcmd command
     9a007665c Fix 500 when output.yaml is invalid
     b3c2d162b Make it easier to spot incomplete test jobs
     fe6af63a7 Improve job and device schema validation
     4a568e261 Fix directory and file permissions
     f33661ae4 env: fix comments about default values
     fd6fe12b6 Fix scheduling when putting a device into looping
     99b35ba79 Export the full lava-server version
     da87efaa6 base-uboot.jinja2: add support for append_dtb and use_xip
     babaef51d lava_scheduler_app: api: Add pipeline information
                 to get_device_status
     abe787872 Add a note on installing lava-dev
     2b6ff1dca MASTER_CERT of lava-master should use secret key
     d9e7e2c08 add recipients in notifications.yaml
     44eb1b75b Move job outputs to sub-dirs based on submit-time
     839b3ff19 Create directories with 0o755 by default
     9459aae36 lava-master: call job.output_dir to get the path
     8c9af4897 Fix description for devices and workers
     541478930 Fix health-check tests by testing None and ''
     68b33d572 Use job.output_dir whenever possible
     d93df5f4f Add a management command to remove old jobs
     bfd57121d Move unnecessary constants into base jinja template.
 lava-server (2017.4-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New production release
     7e36443dd Restore UEFI boot method for HiKeys.
     6679d548e Fix dragoboard410c boot sequence.
     5082adc80 Move anchoring fix for navbar to base template.
     187c8520a Allow to override U-boot tftp command
     0d28de652 Handle OSError as well as IOError in metadata store
     be04868ff Update migration status page for disabled healthchecks
     5f689e930 Improve job page
     ed4dee272 Expand the docs on arbitrary device_info elements
     35a7378e0 Remove references to deprecated health_check_job
     5e5e6890c Add a link to the migration page
     84f88a4fc Allow to override U-boot usb command
     043bfeea4 LAVA-916 - Restore adb connectivity with hikey in V2
     4211de051 Don't force {BOOTX} macro in U-boot template
     571d71313 Don't force dhcp in U-boot template
     b0184585c Add a section on which file is what in /etc/
     9701ad6a0 Adding timeouts to Juno template
     b2b8d8851 Add content on developer workflow
     e36889a81 Revert change for debug filter button
     c06ed4a22 Fix bug 2927 - typo in OPTIONS for $MASTER_CERT
     cfa0c02c5 Fix navbar problem with in-page anchors.
     bd554a2c4 Add docs on boot commands.
     624c79ee1 Fix bug #2925 - LDAP Configuration demo mismatch distro.py
     1ddde696b Another parent timeout needed for qemu
     c3f356c0b Allow boot_qemu_image action timeout to be overridden
     b24fe09af Use standard paths to keep the unit tests running
     7433bb4e4 Add note on installing developer builds
     a0e7756c7 Add a migration status page
     ce59699ad Tweak the device type docs
     adf670e7d Update copyright year for the docs to 2017
     b2428ad8c Small updates to the docs for test development
     6610ce36f Allow to import token from another instance
     d57e5217b Cleanups for advanced installation docs
     0119fc57f Fix job submission page
     0c4e68769 Dedupe the index page and add more entries
     ec0aa40ad Improve device page
     912c174b1 add notes on the new lava-tool features
     a662f0ed6 Add a standard NFS test job for panda
     e80ed1e13 Update docs on transfer_overlay
     b0ae30b56 Update migration for job_status_trigger for
                 backwards compatibility.
     f28af7fbe Fix mustang doc examples and add uefi-menu
     a755b4b12 LAVA-768 allow to disable hc for a device type
     7a05b7941 Add support for a branding message
     b18e8d293 log: add a link to the top and to the doc
     0fd8c985e fix typo in rst header
     75d411f14 Do not send a spurious POST submit request
     d7f8d6322 Update docs for change in behaviour of log file UI
     acd068173 LAVA-112: display status and role for sub jobs
     bf144047f Check V2 devices have valid config before reservation.
     0a2da3f92 Skip retired and obsolete device types
     c106b17c0 LAVA-913 - Documentation for lxc persistence
     14c733d30 Add another index entry for the example first job definition
     b8629e0e3 Expand simple admin to include administration outline
     43bb9da87 V2 jinja2 template for armada-8040-db
     ca05a93d0 Add a command to migrate health checks to the fs
     ad55286d6 doc: fix label
     0b17a0496 Add qemu NFS docs
     a8bf524f4 Update of doc examples
     7bc903e70 LAVA-736: move health checks to the file system
     1de7ea5b3 LAVA-912 - Document verbose for lxc protocol
     643c23efc Remove deprecated (and unused) functions
     91cff154b Add notes on when to add more workers
     69df43a50 LAVA-904: Improve job page layout
     3e3075f2f Reorganise the scheduler app test files
     639600952 LAVA-910 allow iteration if vland tag check fails
     1ebe9d217 Improve readability of testcase results
     b7792c56e fix typo in index syntax
     143b5f742 Allow boot_interface override
     b85bc07a6 Update default interrupt_* in hi6220-hikey device type
                 jinja2 template
     a561326bc Add a test case for secondary connections
     d6a441c16 Add Acer Chromebook 13 CB5-311
     7ded576cb Add Rada Rock 2 Square
     65e2b1e22 Add Renesas R-Car Starter Kit Pro
     61edf0180 Add Samsung Chromebook 2
     068005a9a Add i.mx6q sabre lite board
     a84a509e4 Allow u-boot-interrupt timeouts to be overridden
     b7a23dbfd Fix test job timeouts and fix doc
     c94238613 Ensure extra_kernel_args is used from job context
     77693f080 Clean up error handling in is_deprecated_json method.
     8b5fa8130 Add a 'full docs' link to the front page
     9ab49a8e9 Allow unit tests to run without kvm module
     e47c5c005 Change job_status_trigger field type to a non-deprecated one.
     6ec411a55 Tweak the authentication configuration docs
     7ee493bb1 Tweak the authentication configuration docs
     baa9f5ebb Update references for a permanent location.
     da79c4be7 Add available architectures for qemu 'arch' validation.
     65e4c35ec Prevent intermittent unit test failure.
     7f9b8760d LAVA-215 QEMU NFS support (server side)
     3f2f414e2 LAVA-619 document changes for bootz to zimage
     8bbbd425f Ensure missing font is available for packaging.
     0f2d8a4ff X-axis attribute in charts now use NamedTestAttribute table.
     93cc20aa6 Fix export custom queries feature.
     a8d6cab43 Display results sorted naturally by key in job logs.
     e7aa614c5 Update the default length of the job result table.
     e2c07c1ac Fix doc example YAML syntax to read from file
     ce59d6b94 Fix sphinx build errors in manpage
     63d5f6fa5 Add a check on all templates in source tree
     d9eb3e1f3 Ensure character delays are supported by overdrive
     75efcb00b Allow repeating test cases
     93d620a53 Explain how connection-namespace parameter works.
     9041b0dc0 Begin a section on common YAML syntax errors.
     6521cc0f8 LAVA-894 - Document lava lxc device add / wait command
     ee3e5964f Fix documentation - punctuations, links, bullets.
     988d89a34 Add server side support for mustang EFI Grub.
     525d9ed47 Fix code blocks in Boot Action documentation.
     106f7f4fc LAVA-890 - Allow DUT to stay in Android OS
     887175d82 Remove unused images
     9f9e8d304 Fix unknown test case handling in tables
     bff6ea8ff LAVA-888 - Download button in Device Dictionary page
     3314966de LAVA-887 - Introduce fastboot sequence in device type templates
     1a1be1ff2 LAVA-867 - Allow fastboot options in device dictionary
     d876d1463 Remove legacy nexus deploy document from V2 docs.
     2750804af Updating Juno jinja2 template to accommodate vemsd deploy action
     2b6d3d277 Deprecate "pipeline-worker" in favor of "workers"
     587bc8931 Add a "details" command to "device-type" and "workers"
     96761e533 Add a command to manage devices
     3b2f27ee0 Encode maintenance state machine in unit tests
     730b57b81 Do not put into maintenance retired devices
     c0adfd2c2 Add a command to go into maintenance
     49abd8bf7 Fix state transition when OFFLINING a device
     f337d7d1c Go from OFFLINING to RUNNING when a job exists
     39b50ec15 Extend docs on simplistic testing
     8e56315eb Workers: allow to set properties
     944caa4fd pylint improvements
     c42629220 Use continue in a loop, not return
     61b6886f9 add notes on debugging multinode as admin
     2ed1f35c7 Device tables: add more fields to select_related
     d95ad2d5b job logs: Highlight all failing results
     ace40b01a Generate less database queries
     7fcbd7c68 Allow to use last version of Django Debug Toolbar
     61069528d LAVA-862 - Integrate Google Pixel into LAVA V2
     e7925e7a1 Update docs on publishing and attaching to tests
     da99f08f0 Fix a typo in nexus5x device template used for unit test.
     ba5a106db More stdout changes to clean up the test output
     c84741460 Skip panda_lxc template check if lxc not installed
     6a0a73d36 Fix a typo in documentation.
     79ea7cedd Fix looping bug in template
     466f1506a LAVA-841 - Document device_info attribute
     d420b9d5f LAVA-856 - Integrate nexus5x into LAVA V2
     de33008ec Autologin doc update.
 lava-server (2017.2-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New production release
     9df8b354b Remove whitespace from case names
     9354cd585 Uboot parameters fixes
     297f27900 Fix documentation for auto_login
     64b549e9a Fix group visibility and hidden device types
     b211434de Document the use of a list for bug 2870
     eb8a7bec3 LAVA-854 - Device type template for x15
     ad81f33fb Add device template for renesas r8a7791-porter board
     8c4d44ae4 Add device template for nucleo-l476rg
     112ec6487 Remove send_char, and fix some broken character_delay settings
     8f615cd6b Update reviewers handling
     0fe482ffb b2260: remove duplicate ip_args from extra_kernel_args
     a72c86732 LAVA-847 protect metadata store IOError
     53a3c778e If a text_offset is used, quote it to ensure it is a string.
     51351e18c Add documentation of the dispatcher-config support
     7a1bfb649 Tidy up the Device-type templates for IoT devices
     0b5de4dcb Allow lava_scheduler_app to unittest logs to stdout
     bc807def4 Fix sizelimit warning handling for V2
     13b691615 Summarise job timeouts with example and notes
     b5c2ea1a7 Improve notes on portability.
     65ae7d644 Fix internal server error due to unpacking TestJobUser.
     83e8fa075 Migration doc improvements
     9eb145050 Add a unit test for the ethaddr support in b2260
     91eb07a36 Creating and restoring backups for V2
     479a6295f Add support for setting ethaddr
     52b5cf06d Add triage documentation for power failures
     526a6e298 LAVA-840 - Remove documentation for USB_DEVICE_WAIT
     3415d5319 Allow .py files in examples/sources to be packaged
     be33389bf Allow notifications for jobs in Running status.
     4d6afd607 Fix blacklisted bug in notifications.
     58b48a8f0 Catch all errors during resubmission.
     40b010238 Tag admin clean support must return name
     14b15f40b LAVA-734 compatibility docs
     dd18c26e1 scheduler: do not cascade deletion for some objects
     5415eafa7 Do not create unused TestJobUser
     2f3cd8389 Bug 2796. Add submitter username to job_details API.
     08cd6c01f Revert "master: set the master identity"
     be28c8c7b LAVA-814 - Explore pyudev for usb device wait
     9150c9973 LAVA-832: Rework device-types management command
     70e81493e LAVA-762 link level in timing to pipeline definition
     c276df83f LAVA-728 extend ZMQ example to submit and wait
     f6a0456a1 LAVA-731 document remote worker issues
     41c67ae3b Add device template for NXP-ls2088
     ee8964c7b Remove spurious call to save()
     2a79a622d Ensure base_ip_args can be overridden
     affa68b23 Add a command to add and list workers
     10e6ea970 tokens: allow format as CSV
     b0b5a1d30 Remove unused config value LAVA_CONFIG_VERSION
     69138ac89 Add a command to manage tokens
     e09beb1a4 Remove unused custom commands
     905a0f9be Fix multinode job definition page
     bb0fdc7a8 job logs: Highlight failing results
     e1a125aa8 master: set the master identity
     b7cb28e49 Fix device schema and test for arduino template
     d411416bf LAVA-707 update result case and metadata views
     15fc5c62f LAVA-140 - update running job calculation
     9fcf92cfd LAVA-515 restore line numbers to YAML definitions
     b7266712b LAVA-824 skip unused device types in running table
     de6a141aa Expand docs on namespace
     c54a5e262 events: fix documentation
 lava-server (2017.1-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New production release
     266b2e633 LAVA-795 - Expose lava-publisher event socket settings.
     f4b76e48e Fix ordereddict failure
     9d3ae86cc Use dpkg-query which is available on all systems
     080c3184f Update the device-type context help page
     46a055a3b Fixup some jinja2 templates
     cecefbfef Timing: improve the description
     5bef1d877 LAVA-821 - add support for lava-test-reference
     3b26fb234 LAVA-820 record lava-server version in job metadata
     ff71a42a6 Append to existing metadata store results
     0c9abf643 Fix RST whitespace typo.
     05b96af3c Merge timing page into the job page
     edc4431f1 Restore access to chart Action buttons
     69709881e Improve the timing page and port to the new log format
     a00c02aa8 LAVA-535 Make devicetags case-insensitive
     36617b955 LAVA-743 - handling complex test operations
     50084f1b5 Omit summary button for V2 definitions.
     5c8bf4643 Upgrade the dispatcher v2 parser interface.
     22409d543 master: send the dispatcher config to the slave
 457a7a1ee80c3ae9192d4ae80ad8d0b4ece2dc1e 2724 lava-server_2017.7-1.dsc
 51b3a6c31eb273389192fa0a6b16f436137e6c56 12095635 lava-server_2017.7.orig.tar.gz
 3459852a0733486cebd5fd0731c7243a39d36b4a 47248 lava-server_2017.7-1.debian.tar.xz
 93c7c43d7747dc2903e61a7ba682a89e3e9274c0 31386 lava-dev_2017.7-1_all.deb
 13c9a588a01145218d699b3180390ccfe6702d6e 8042216 lava-server-doc_2017.7-1_all.deb
 13fd05882e21d59f732478418f2254f28b3cd2a6 771242 lava-server_2017.7-1_all.deb
 39a2aaff9619d3f713537ecf4669ac07909833df 9628 lava-server_2017.7-1_amd64.buildinfo
 01a02dcf3b806a35265feca8598d02e07131f2cd 26490 lava_2017.7-1_all.deb
 ac6f25930c7e8905f634a4a331accc880ec5fe809970372ae1b45de4fb02b450 2724 lava-server_2017.7-1.dsc
 33a32184a421b08a4242af46cb054226d4ac083725c22df638024a5970eda0ba 12095635 lava-server_2017.7.orig.tar.gz
 9037db358c0306c2bf65b598faf9b0a7f6709615cce5e86cc2fb957fad592158 47248 lava-server_2017.7-1.debian.tar.xz
 7b5b19f075b578410ba03de13ee9ea9162ca5782245964e4f2fa6988f4a54cff 31386 lava-dev_2017.7-1_all.deb
 4954ac4b6f47ba330fad8b567f8ede7d5df6f667657b728513144d684130112f 8042216 lava-server-doc_2017.7-1_all.deb
 342f9b8c797082163d63f76c0b209355e2d2278e9420e819834e832a1305452e 771242 lava-server_2017.7-1_all.deb
 2e091ea1f6878edebde1b5325327f3cc99828c9b2d703464e19ac39457b070d6 9628 lava-server_2017.7-1_amd64.buildinfo
 3a864773e1855132205fc0751320cdbba09cfc424a86fe3d21e8f80ec6de66fb 26490 lava_2017.7-1_all.deb
 28d08fdca68019272426eb49cb893eba 2724 net optional lava-server_2017.7-1.dsc
 c164e64bf647e1c66ff5eb9a0d5a2427 12095635 net optional lava-server_2017.7.orig.tar.gz
 b26304735cd4bf9a2762604f33ba9bb1 47248 net optional lava-server_2017.7-1.debian.tar.xz
 447eadb468376755f46eab0606a17b47 31386 devel optional lava-dev_2017.7-1_all.deb
 3d0af25650f939c0032134e203ed59b0 8042216 doc optional lava-server-doc_2017.7-1_all.deb
 94c622190f4e02eb3190d4cc2489cdd2 771242 net optional lava-server_2017.7-1_all.deb
 c1d33df6ce682af52e7ab7d3e2b17418 9628 net optional lava-server_2017.7-1_amd64.buildinfo
 c9051a4fb02491652560711254c6483a 26490 metapackages optional lava_2017.7-1_all.deb



Thank you for your contribution to Debian.

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