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Hash: SHA256

Format: 1.8
Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2017 13:16:01 +0000
Source: lava-server
Binary: lava-server lava lava-dev lava-server-doc
Architecture: source all
Version: 2017.11-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian LAVA team <pkg-linaro-lava-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Neil Williams <codehelp at debian.org>
 lava       - Linaro Automated Validation Architecture metapackage
 lava-dev   - Linaro Automated Validation Architecture developer support
 lava-server - Linaro Automated Validation Architecture server
 lava-server-doc - Linaro Automated Validation Architecture documentation
 lava-server (2017.11-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * New production release
     a799fc6c Fix links back to the main instance
     5b9656b6 Fix broken plural in header
     b21f8c8f Fix crash in job_section_log
     c9526f01 Document the LOG_SIZE_LIMIT setting in settings.conf
     63b57c94 Remove lava-mount-masterfs
     75b403f4 Remove add_device script
     8ddea823 Add description about the disc space requirement
         for pg_upgradecluster.
     5c9dceb2 Remove TemporaryDevice imports
     9b21ea48 Removed unused Worker functions
     2accb4c3 Matching change to templates for directory change
     1d384c4a Update docs regarding device-dictionary lava-server manage command.
     32472fac Port 77fd10e2 to scheduler.devices.get_dictionary
     114bbfa5 LAVA-1093 - Add a management command to drop all materialized views
     8bc9d83a Update dashboard XML-RPC API help for api_version
     bb090e96 LAVA-552 - add system.api_version support
     77fd10e2 LAVA-1092 support passing a context to device_config
     de7ad3aa Remove dashboard_app views and static files.
     4bc68531 Remove templates from dashboard_app.
     1a618c27 Remove unused functions
     d50deca7 api: limit the number of jobs returned
     59880e14 Fix HTTP 500 on devicetype health history
     a39fecf5 Remove unused resources (css, js and images)
     a32ac3b6 Rename base-bootstrap and content-bootstrap
     7c108de1 job: print lava.job result in case of failure
     b51c419f Remove old templates
     a9139c1f Use bootstrap template
     7915f18f Remove unused resources
     7331901a scheduler.api.jobs.show: add failure_comment
     71233bff Fix print syntax for python3 compatibility
     936d5eca Remove unused tags
     4ebb2a39 Remove unused sources
     21a7eb18 Save more sql queries by caching values
     4d0d867e Remove non pipeline jobs support
     a6648dbd Retain docs on disabling V1 workers
     8eac0d74 Revert "LAVA-950 set the master identity"
     68573b1a Remove V1 dependencies
     a8151559 timing: handle new start/end line format
     26cc3ad0 Remove unnecessary js lib beautify.
     c44009fa Simplify job view
     e1da85d4 Fix loading of description.yaml
     7b41f7ef Add documentation for secondary media writer parameters
     1b4d3dd5 LAVA-1081 migrate instance name to settings
     f3dc1987 Fix up typos from earlier changes
     faa24f59 LAVA-1079 - remove HIDE_V1 and HIDE_V2 doc options
     942b84c3 Remove unused functions and imports
     e61a4831 LAVA-1056 Drop V1 documentation
     126dce0c Fix crash introduced by 42451c9cc
     f0b28214 Remove v1 codebase
     31bb1bf0 Fix notification exception when query is used for data comparison.
     a6cff700 Remove last references to lava_dispatcher v1
     043690d9 Remove references to lava_dispatcher v1
     4c9e493c Remove dashboard_app traces from rest of the codebase.
     c371b8ca drop link to removed page
     1b1b638e LAVA-876 - Return empty data stubs for dashboard API calls.
     919c10c2 Remove links to dashboard_app in the scheduler_app
     1483e9fb Remove leftover from job wizard
     f7a1c976 docker: allow passing extra options
     42451c9c Use all_jobs_with_custom_sort when applicable
     cc4ffd64 Fix broken links in example test job
     0ca5d75c Drop the migration status page.
     b37fe944 Add a device-type config for the rpi-3b in armv7 32bit mode
     9e904a18 Revert "LAVA-876 - Remove access to Dashboard"
     f07e0950 Fix warning regarding naive datetime
     e8348425 Remove more references to dashboard_app
     103a44be LAVA-876 - Remove access to Dashboard
     d33c9c98 LAVA-876 - Remove access to Dashboard
     b6fc46aa Revert "LAVA-1038 add a settings to archive the instance"
     f75a333d Do not run dashboard test anymore
     d9163445 Remove references to v1 jobs
     addb61d9 bug 3268: fix lava-master crash with invalid logs
     febf91b1 Improve advice on api/help
     ac8b7df3 fix pep8 error
     64025cf3 LAVA-1072 test all template connection syntax
     10d5fbe1 Adjust U-Boot load addresses for tegra124 devices
         to allow bigger kernels
     f30ef936 LAVA-1065 - Remove dashboard_app urls server wide.
     096a2f1c LAVA-1049 - Allow for .yml as well as .yaml for healthchecks
     918f0bc7 Fix logic so addldapuser and mergeldapuser work for
         all LDAP configs
     36fcb3c2 Documentation changes for multiple uarts
     b1de8acf Update instructions for migrating postgres
     0ff08373 LAVA-1053 Results limit does not work for queries
     f9e64aa1 Fix SQL request storm when listing jobs
     2d9c4757 No need to save after get_or_create or Create()
     8988cb36 LAVA-896 fix level in result export
     219fa3dd LAVA-1073 - support for a second UART on a device
     c934bbbe master: fix database reconnection
     4f0e0e62 LAVA-950 set the master identity
     316d77fb Expand the device integration guidance.
   * LAVA-1099 support old and new package versions
   * Fix missing call to install_database
   * Drop copyright references to removed files
 d1e88315c6b2ca1f634c5991a353a2e469065d72 2676 lava-server_2017.11-1.dsc
 b2c8227fc0380fe9bc7e7d11bc783b1a03b6d9d8 5951855 lava-server_2017.11.orig.tar.gz
 675a95b2492273c26568d1ffeaeaedb82f4d5414 34532 lava-server_2017.11-1.debian.tar.xz
 f300f8bea2ed98970234b6cb3e87bd05c9f21d1d 35280 lava-dev_2017.11-1_all.deb
 1188aa46f03010715cae9509590baadc508ecf1c 2163672 lava-server-doc_2017.11-1_all.deb
 9ad6efbc8fe4ec456fd6956726da2a56daa76c01 624724 lava-server_2017.11-1_all.deb
 4fe4b1ad4302a35f14a856646cd399633b0fd7f4 9917 lava-server_2017.11-1_amd64.buildinfo
 5341512726ee9fd29d069734e76a70b8336f770c 31088 lava_2017.11-1_all.deb
 42be9fa95a5fe87f1e34d2ec9d2a59420fc6650772ae1fa6de4f85949d905e13 2676 lava-server_2017.11-1.dsc
 389591701a77400ac454613099972563810011da2f531fdf8147bd419bdac65c 5951855 lava-server_2017.11.orig.tar.gz
 e03fadef8470767e72ac0f44719921089f74bbecc1e4753190befe960efecc35 34532 lava-server_2017.11-1.debian.tar.xz
 bd0bdb87bcdbbd20f031ff14e3d5d0f3b1ab2c93faf3876384edd16a168d4ab4 35280 lava-dev_2017.11-1_all.deb
 d7d4b6a071d0f0c702047d1f38cb8a45d9cb0aa2f91ef1b6c5affcc8ce05cd3b 2163672 lava-server-doc_2017.11-1_all.deb
 ec8b9c3105bc3d18196a173a56f93aa114e61f1c8ce2ffb4de1c292f6f391db2 624724 lava-server_2017.11-1_all.deb
 df57bd55ad761954368efbc7e32b5af7d709e85372ce368ae3b4b1f6a27d720e 9917 lava-server_2017.11-1_amd64.buildinfo
 5ac4099760cbdaa1def5c38483906ecf274565b9075a7a1236de580549b52000 31088 lava_2017.11-1_all.deb
 33ef1dc402285bbca88d0a74ffe4de8c 2676 net optional lava-server_2017.11-1.dsc
 2b933d6e120fed9fc22cf8b65f56a83f 5951855 net optional lava-server_2017.11.orig.tar.gz
 0c3c9357ea9009a398ec1e5e62d88a93 34532 net optional lava-server_2017.11-1.debian.tar.xz
 7ebe05052f77528b4e9e743840ce439e 35280 devel optional lava-dev_2017.11-1_all.deb
 e9b89418424a181ba1d290cf7924698b 2163672 doc optional lava-server-doc_2017.11-1_all.deb
 7cf61f82c03eae090a5a0d6c7495ecf6 624724 net optional lava-server_2017.11-1_all.deb
 e867f34d7290099c5df580a1adc6eda9 9917 net optional lava-server_2017.11-1_amd64.buildinfo
 a03e111b9baff36510667d63791c83e1 31088 metapackages optional lava_2017.11-1_all.deb



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