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Gertrude Kouame grtrdkouame at gmail.com
Tue May 28 09:48:57 BST 2019

My Dearest Beloved,

I am writing you this letter with the believe you will treat my
message with utmost honesty and sincerity of purpose which is my main
reason for confiding in you. It is with tears that I am writing you
this mail. My mail may seem very pitiable, painful and sorrowful, but
there is favor I want from you. It all about LOVE and CARE for the
orphans which was my root.

My name is Mrs Gertrude Kouame, I was an orphan  before I got married
to the late General Johnson Kouame, who died with our only child two
years ago in a car crash. As a result of the shock of that painful
incident, i developed hyper-tension and my cancer sickness got worst.
I can not trace my husband's relatives because all of them were
against our marriage because he married an orphan like me. He was from
Guinea Conakry and he met me in the orphanage home and decided to
marry me. He never took me to Guinea even for once until his death.
All because his parents insisted that he come to Guinea and marry from
there. And the worst of it all was that he married in a foreign land
and it happened to be an orphan like me. His entire family decided not
to do anything with him anymore.

My reason for writing you this mail is due to the report that came to
me recently from my doctor. After my last diagnostic result, l was
told by the doctors that I may not leave for more than five months
ahead, because of the damage the cancer had caused in my body, unless
I undergo an urgent surgical operation upon which my chances of
survival is less than 40%, according to the medical experts. As it
stands, I have given-in to fate and have found God on my sick bed. But
I have a more worrying problem, which is why I am contacting you.
Since it is now obvious that I may die soon and as my friends have all
deserted from me and and i have no relative, i would would not want my
late husband's hard earned money to go to the state. I have decided
that it should go to the orphanage homes and to the less privileged.
My Husband and I have an investment account of about 1.5 Million
dollars in one of biggest bank here of which I am only remaining
signatory to the account. My late husband intended to use the money
for investment in Ghana before the ugly incident that took his life
happened. I want to put the money into your care for distribution to
the orphanage homes in your country.

As soon as I receive your reply in absolute truth and sincerity, I
will authorize my bank to transfer the money to your personal account
or your church account or any other organization. And I will also draw
up my WILL in your favor on other properties we have in Abidjan here.
This will be made with the assistance of my Late husbands attorney.
All I need is your assurance that you will not channel the fund to any
other thing other such that will bring glories to God . I am writing
you this mail with great tears in my eyes and I pray you will be
honest towards towards my predicament.

Please reply this mail immediately and let me know your stand

Yours beloved.

Mrs Gertrude Kouame

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