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Format: 1.8
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2019 15:25:30 +0200
Source: lava
Architecture: source
Version: 2019.10-1
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Debian LAVA team <pkg-linaro-lava-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org>
Changed-By: Remi Duraffort <remi.duraffort at linaro.org>
Closes: 933918 940682
 lava (2019.10-1) unstable; urgency=medium
   * LAVA Software 2019.10 release
     557ab2abf Add unit tests for TestJob can_resubmit method.
     08e15334e lava_server: load local settings if available
     ec30dbf60 lava_server: add compatibility layer against renames
     4d0c47cd6 lava_scheduler_app: fix usage of User.is_authenticated
     c6eac7ad2 lava_server: drop pointless if
     2763292c6 lava_scheduler_app: don't add view permissions on Django 2
     429c60e36 lava_server: fix default development branding dimensions
     0f0b9fd36 lava_server: relax security-related settings for local development
     54960a290 lava_server: admin: customize titles
     a4aa03f02 doc: clarify usage of connection-namespace
     b5325a2e3 device-types: Add more uboot error messages
     f231d80ee devce-type: Fix meson-g12a-sei510
     c1c8e22ea Fix authorization API errors and add unit tests.
     2a8b19674 lava-slave: accept slave dir as an option
     cc58ec37b lava-slave: use absolute path to lava-run
     3e8f45ec4 scheduler, server: drop hardcoded device types path
     a47517522 server: drop hardcoded usage of devices directory
     cb0e1c1f7 settings.development: use device type configuration from source tree
     dcceb98e3 Procfile: run all processes locally
     215904362 doc: fix hangout link for the design meeting
     549d97cac Add documentation file for new authorization model.
     5b6c32814 docker: upgrade sentry-sdk to 0.11.2
     9a048b1bf Remove deprecated support for json job definition
     41924cf27 CI: fix failure when the yaml default format change
     935c4e221 Reintroduce 'cancel_resubmit_testjob' permission.
     857f011db services/docker: allow to set lava-master --event-url
     4fd207886 Remove dependency on dateutil
     813ed5544 lava-server manage commands: port to Django 2
     c981d0753 lava-server manage users: in csv, print the fullname
     ad9140324 Port management commands to Django 2
     f2b863ba4 development settings: use local directory for health-checks
     978b4fcb7 dev settings: remove references to "precious" directory
     d62f5fd6a lava_common: fix license headers
     45d2120e5 device-type: Add meson-g12b-a311d-khadas-vim3
     82752014f Add debian/bullseye requirements
     07f3bbcba Move django related functions to lava_server.compat
     f4fd43adb yaml.load: add a compatibility layer to always use the best available loader
     067a01726 Move the lava.utils module into lava_server
     7bba79ba0 Show users in group admin.
     297be49da device-type: Add hifive-unleashed-a00
     324746e82 device-types: add two olimex-lime boards
     dad61da61 Fix bulk cancel of test jobs in admin.
     ba0288cae scheduler.jobs.show: fix missing value after 2019.09
     8455b55f2 docker: do not ask for input while migrating
     dfd9de33d debian: lava-common should have the exact same version
     3cf3e95eb Remove dependency on nose
     9b97254d5 Fix crash when viewing job results
     8df38a2dc Use pexpect to run subcommand in run_cmd
     fd752d865 lava-master: decode error messages before saving to db
     f198c92c1 command: raise an InfrastructureError on any errors
     794c817bf Reload gunicorn after log rotation
     535748f38 debian package: fix gunicorn dependency
     51fa0e164 Implement submit job endpoint for REST API.
     dd7d4772a jlink: new boot method
     f6b7dce19 lava_scheduler_app: frdm-k64f added jlink boot
     8cbc550ec Fix ba0288caed5d1
     6321d5acf is_valid: remove unused parameter
     609f7f451 pipeline references: set the flow style when dumping
     10e42eae2 Fix crash when raising PermissionDenied
     6b6cdf7ea qemu: fix a crash when context.arch is missing
     eb7e1b04f Update mount.py -  We've been seeing stale mounts for Juno and MPS2.
     c3c3946b2 Update vemsd.py to sync before un-mounting Do a sync for ve type devices before un-mounting
     f4276b0c7 devicedict: show an alert when the device dict is invalid
     46d9c5940 CI: use more pylint features
     7c362dafe Remove unused constructors
     84d01ada0 Fix more string issues found by pylint
     75c9d0f1d Update vemsd.py
     7103823a0 action.run_cmd: set the CWD
     3c366805c Remove global submit_testjob permission usage.
     157c82cb4 Allow 63MiB for the kernel image on imx6q-sabrelite
     30719cf73 remove_directory_contents: also remove hidden directories and files
     cb3332cb4 deploy.vemsd: raise InfrastructureError when failing
     3e8459d73 mps: allow to flash many binaries in on deploy action
     6cd532f4f mps: force a soft-reboot after unmount
     8d596e4b8 doc: add example of flashing multiple binaries
     4be6b5a73 mps: add unittest with multiple deploy
     51cb26028 deploy.mps: update the schema
     857aab0c9 mps: fix soft reboot action
     eec2579ef Mark every deploy.mps error as InfrastructureError
     064c002b3 Ignore exception raised by the django signal handlders
     9ba03fd90 doc: update outdated "job details" screenshot
     175c2678a device-types: add two new boards
     7449d64c3 timing: fix crash when the job log is invalid
     1bb9d1880 Fix connection handling with multiple namespaces
     1038f54c9 Remove unused build script
     a5eccb9f5 Remove unused actions
     94dc9a1af lava-master remove unused argument
     4df01d5b8 yaml: use the C version by default
     2e0f966c2 lava_dispatcher: jlink sample job
     1d30f48f2 device-type: mimxrt1050_evk
     814ecbd5d doc: remove mentions of the "repeat" keyword
     5ee716b16 Remove unittest using invalid job definition
     9bf0c919b job parser: remove references to the "repeat" keyword
     5a1da702f etc/dispatcher-config: DB845c Add remaining GPT partitions
     717547410 jlink: fix version check
     6bdc77d89 Fix bulk update of devices in admin.
     60cbe8429 etc/dispatcher-config: Dragonboards allow to override flash_cmds_order
     9621525fd lava_scheduler_app/tests/devices: Add cdt to flash_cmds_order in db410c's
     440961f07 Remove dependency to django-restricted-resource
     714c32b2f Fix REST api crashes with latest drf versions
     dd2d7ca0f rest api: improve sql efficiency
     2a43ed4e1 Rest API: drop name argument to RelatedFilter
     e6f1b09e2 rest-api: add test for the browsable api
     fae1933e9 rest api: fix timeout when rendering the browsable api
     135f809c7 rest-api: decrease the number of sql request when rendering /devicetypes/
     9ad87c9c5 Only permissions used for per-object auth should be available in admin.
     01f646ee4 Expand on the authorization docs.
     b7c4ada0b Reorganize the django permissions and custom permissions.
     80bdab409 autopkgtest: run test suite "the new way"
     9e80f439a rest api: add some documentation about submiting a test job
     177b1c6b5 doc: fix spelling error
     7968337aa dragonboard-820c: flash every partition:%d tables right after the ptable
   * Fix unsafe use of yaml.load() (Closes: #933918)
   * Remove dependency on gunicorn3 package (Closes: #940682)
 04255ca392ef4cc8df60fffffa6d9e582d0cdbca 2844 lava_2019.10-1.dsc
 a474ea2bb479dc5cf949522ecfb258712e14171f 6466183 lava_2019.10.orig.tar.gz
 81a98b6aa0e1553957a30bd14c9e0327c509e660 81256 lava_2019.10-1.debian.tar.xz
 b1f767d759a8adeb318d74366501c78cd041f960 9172 lava_2019.10-1_source.buildinfo
 66e6a13f5ecdc53df4bcc3898ad5a24390521046b7e99c7c9c314ed917bad2c5 2844 lava_2019.10-1.dsc
 d41f73aea956c8c34d0ea8c8a33c9fcbd77283b5a2ef03ad6d629a488032b5fc 6466183 lava_2019.10.orig.tar.gz
 16357e941f305e4069a02a16c297f80f7cc23209a98fe81277dcab3aea6d6302 81256 lava_2019.10-1.debian.tar.xz
 ce6d9af4199f2ae03117b850aade451f59234afdf14f0e6954919d50d9158355 9172 lava_2019.10-1_source.buildinfo
 6b36bbd1bc6c0753b29d0f8f83d5f502 2844 net optional lava_2019.10-1.dsc
 cbbf926b026dad46c45e75f3baf27fae 6466183 net optional lava_2019.10.orig.tar.gz
 3d842ce5d6aa56f3130ef9d1f066c7f1 81256 net optional lava_2019.10-1.debian.tar.xz
 f66ac6147c120f4ca5d75aff982f06c4 9172 net optional lava_2019.10-1_source.buildinfo



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