[Pkg-linaro-lava-devel] Bug#985929: lavacli: Provide an updated lavacli for buster

Corentin Noël corentin.noel at collabora.com
Fri Mar 26 10:07:56 GMT 2021

Package: lavacli
Version: 0.9.5-1
Severity: wishlist

Dear Maintainer,

The lavacli tool has some useful fixes in latest versions (I'm
especially interested in the credential leaks that have been fixed in
https://git.lavasoftware.org/lava/lavacli/-/commit/72b98993348861132f0fd59238d94b1f5fa0d0c6 ) and provides some useful new

Would one of the maintainer be interested in backporting a more recent
lavacli to buster?

Thanks for all

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