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I'd be glad to help! What kind of problems are you seeing? Also, which revisions are you building?

Recent buildbot results (using libstdc++/gcc 4.6) are green:


However, some GCC build fixes did not make it into the release_32 branch. I think you have to either use clang to build (in which case use ./configure -enable-cxx11) or we have to apply the GCC build fixes that have been committed to trunk after release_32 was branched.

In my experience, building lldb at the same time as clang is the best way to go.


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Le 08/01/2013 16:05, Malea, Daniel a écrit :
Hi all,

As the lldb project<http://lldb.llvm.org> is evolving and Linux support is maturing, I would like to create a Debian package with the intention of garnering broader adoption in the (Debian) Linux community.

Are there any concerns with creating such a package? With the current release approaching readiness, I thought now would be a good time to talk about creating a package that might go into experimental.

In terms of building LLDB on Linux, the build process is very similar to the clang packages with a few extra build dependencies and sources checked out, so my intention is to use the clang scripts as a starting point for the lldb source package. Is this a reasonable approach? Or is there a good reason to start from scratch?

Funny you are contacting us right now. I am currently working on the packaging of lldb for Debian.
For now, I am working on building lldb at the same time as clang. It will be easier to maintain (especially since you need to build llvm & clang to build lldb).

However, since it has not been officially part of the 3.2 release cycle, my main problem is to get lldb to build against 3.2...

If you want to help, you are welcome!

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