Bug#714906: scan-build: does not respect the TMP/TMPDIR/TEMP/TEMPDIR evironment variables

Léo Cavaillé leo+debian at cavaille.net
Sat Jul 20 21:59:39 UTC 2013


Just happening to work on scan-build those days.
The issue you're reporting is failing because of this very version of
scan-build : the TMPDIR POSIX standard env variable is only taken into
account if (`uname` =~ /Darwin/).

In a newer version of llvm-toolchain (3.3 or snapshot), this condition
has been removed, therefore using libpam-tmpdir with scan-build works
without any problem.

The code does not use File::Temp but create paths manually instead,
checking for -o option or/and TMPDIR directory.

I reckon that Sylvestre does not maintain the 3.2 branch anymore, but I
can be wrong. A two line patch will solve this problem anyhow.

Bonus : there is still mention of this Darwin thing in the scan-build
manpage (HEAD version) <quote>If this option is not specified, a
directory is created in /tmp (TMPDIR on Mac OS X) to store the
This could be the object of a fixme upstream.

Thanks for the report,


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