Bug#807704: llvm-defaults: please consider adding python-clang, python-lldb

Simon McVittie simon.mcvittie at collabora.co.uk
Fri Dec 11 19:47:55 UTC 2015

Source: llvm-defaults
Version: 0.32
Severity: wishlist

When packaging code that depends on the clang Python bindings, it seems
undesirable to make it "Depends: python-clang-3.6" or whatever the
current version is, knowing that we'll have to update it for new clang
versions. Please consider adding:

Package: python-clang
Depends: python-clang-${pv:llvm} ${reqv:llvm}

Package: python-lldb
Depends: python-lldb-${pv:llvm} ${reqv:llvm}

(Specifically, one of my colleagues is looking into packaging
<https://github.com/hotdoc/hotdoc_c_extension>, a gtk-doc replacement
which parses C using clang instead of regular expressions.)

Simon McVittie
Collabora Ltd. <http://www.collabora.com/>

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