Bug#790735: openmprtl: add MIPS support

Dejan Latinovic Dejan.Latinovic at imgtec.com
Wed Jul 1 09:55:19 UTC 2015

Package: openmprtl
Version: 0.20150401-1
Tags: sid patch
Severity: important
Justification: FTBFS
User: debian-mips at lists.debian.org
Usertags: mips-patch

Package openmprtl FTBFS on mips and mipsel with an error:

> ./tools/build.pl  --arch=mips --mode=release lib inc common -- -j1
> Possible precedence issue with control flow operator at /«PKGBUILDDIR»/tools/lib/LibOMP.pm line 39.
> Unsupported machine ("mips") returned by POSIX::uname(); stopped at /«PKGBUILDDIR»/tools/lib/Uname.pm line 176.

This error appear due to lack of support for MIPS arch.

I had created patch that contains support for MIPS:

Besides that, it is needed to add symbols for MIPS archs,
and detect host arch in debian/rules.
As well, it is needed to add libffi-dev as Build-Depends.
This should fix armel and armhf builds.
Listed changes are contained in

I had successfully built openmprtl on mips, mipsel and mips64el
after applying these patches.

Could you please consider including this changes?
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