Hello friend

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Fri Feb 26 21:10:33 UTC 2016

Hello Friend

How are you doing and your family? I hope everything is good with you, I am so sorry for sending you this unsolicited and unexpected mail, i hope you
 will receive this email
 in good condition. My name is Sgt. Fritz Hindenburg, a United State Military officer and I work in an isolated environment where I cannot make or receive a calls due to the nature of my job and for security reason. It happen for me to met one of my fellow Soldiers inside the building during our battle here in Iraq,
 who introduce me and my partners to this building where we discover boxes that contain huge amount of money, and we did successful move out the fund out of the building ($30 million USD) in total, but $6 million USD happens to be my share, which I need you now to help me receive this fund with trust till i complete my job few months coming.

I demand an urgent response to this message, if you are willing kindly get back to me, so i will make arrangement of delivery agent here, so that we will arrange on how the money will be delivered to you. Through diplomatic means because i do not know when i will be leaving Iraq. And after delivery of the money. I want to let you know that i will allow you to go with 35% of the money and 5% for any expenses or tax charges may come out during the process of delivering the fund to you, while you will help me invest my 60% in any lucrative and strong profitability business over there in your country, ones i am
 out from here i will join you in your country. Thank you so much for your understanding and i wait for your urgent feed back for more details. Thank you once again i wait for your reply

Best regards,
Sgt. Fritz 
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