Bug#842956: llvm-3.9-dev: Please backport 279980 since rustc 1.12.1 needs it

Sylvestre Ledru sylvestre at debian.org
Thu Nov 3 17:30:02 UTC 2016

Le 03/11/2016 à 18:04, Ximin Luo a écrit :
> Ximin Luo:
>> [..]
>> rust.git$ git format-patch 4105790 # 4105790 and earlier are already applied to our LLVM
>> 0001-Add-some-Rust-allocation-functions-to-TargetLibraryI.patch
>> 0002-Add-support-for-i1-compare-operations-to-X86-FastISe.patch
>> 0003-Disable-the-PassInfo-cache-assertions-to-make-the-ca.patch
>> 0004-Fix-cross-compiling-to-FreeBSD.patch
>> 0005-Don-t-compile-usage-of-std-thread.patch
>> 0006-Add-accessors-for-MCSubtargetInfo-CPU-and-Feature-ta.patch
>> 0007-InstCombine-Infer-inbounds-on-geps-of-allocas.patch
>> 0008-InstSimplify-Try-hard-to-simplify-pointer-comparison.patch
>> 0009-InstSimplify-Fold-gep-gep-V-C-sub-0-V-to-C.patch
>> 0010-InstSimplify-Fold-gep-gep-V-C-xor-V-1-to-C-1.patch
>> 0011-SimplifyCFG-Hoisting-invalidates-metadata.patch
>> 0012-Run-GVN-again-after-InstCombine.patch
>> 0013-Backport-rL281650.patch
>> 0014-Import-of-fastcomp-commit-4105790f1549808c1f1daa5250.patch
>> 0015-SimplifyCFG-Correctly-test-for-unconditional-branche.patch
>> 0016-Propagate-DBG_VALUE-entries-when-there-are-unvisited.patch
>> 0017-Teach-LiveDebugValues-about-lexical-scopes.patch
>> In 1:3.9-4 you applied 0013, and this bug report is me asking you to apply
>> 0011. However if these two don't make our rustc work, then the heavy-handed
>> approach would be to apply all of the above patches. I've tested that these
>> apply cleanly to our LLVM 1:3.9-4, but not yet built the thing.
> TL;DR: we should probably apply 14-17. None of these are critical, but sound fairly important or helpful, and might save us from getting weird errors elsewhere.
> The rest are "nice to have" but not essential if you want to keep the package as close to upstream as possible.
If they are not essential, I won't take them in Debian. I don't want to diverge too much, especially as they are also published on llvm.org/apt/

If you care about these patches, you should report bug Upstream (LLVM) to see them merged for 3.9.1 (we are working on it currently)


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