Bug#837608: [libc++-dev] package is outdated/glibc dependant

Gravis gravis at adaptivetime.com
Mon Sep 12 20:43:07 UTC 2016

Package: libc++-dev
Version: 3.7.0-1
Severity: normal

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The libc++-dev package is out of date as the headers contained rely on
glibc specific macros.  It's been several releases since the ability to
utilize other libc implementations (e.g. musl) has been added.  It would be
great if someone could update the libc++ related packages.

--- System information. ---
Architecture: amd64
Kernel:       Linux 4.7.0-1-amd64

Debian Release: stretch/sid
  500 unstable        mirrors.kernel.org
  500 testing         mirrors.kernel.org
  500 stable          mirrors.kernel.org
  500 oldstable       mirrors.kernel.org

--- Package information. ---
Depends              (Version) | Installed
libc++1            (= 3.7.0-1) | 3.7.0-1
libc++-helpers                 | 3.7.0-1

Package's Recommends field is empty.

Package's Suggests field is empty.
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