Status of llvm-toolchain-3.8?

Stéphane Glondu glondu at
Mon Nov 6 10:10:25 UTC 2017

On 30/10/2017 10:39, Stéphane Glondu wrote:
>>> Is there any plans to fix llvm-toolchain-3.8?
>> I wish we could removed it but it is far from ready (we were blocked by
>> the ocaml transition but I dropped the ocaml support to mitigate that)
>> I will try to fix that in the next few days.
>> Sorry about that
> I saw that you removed the OCaml bindings (libllvm-3.8-ocaml-dev) from 
> llvm-toolchain-3.8, but there is still libllvm-ocaml-dev (from 
> llvm-defaults) that depends on libllvm-3.8-ocaml-dev.
> I think you need to remove libllvm-ocaml-dev from llvm-defaults to 
> disentangle LLVM and OCaml.

llvm-toolchain-3.8 FTBFS on armel and armhf, so it cannot migrate to 
testing. This situation blocks ocaml.

My attempts to find a solution to this were not very satisfactory... I 
think that changing llvm-defaults meta-packages to llvm > 3.8 (a version 
that does not FTBFS, so >= 4.0) can help.



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