Bug#922275: Bug #922275 Still Relevant for LLVM/libomp 9

Ron Lovell ron163264 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 1 02:21:02 GMT 2019

Although I can no longer install flang-7 on my Sid host since the upgrades
to LLVM 8 and now non-default LLVM 9, the general situation described still
applies to libomp-9-dev. If a user compiles with the -fopenmp=<lib> option
(instead of simply -fopenmp), it's much better if <lib> doesn't change from
version to version of the toolchain. It would still be helpful to have the
libomp-<ver>-dev package install a symlink:

/usr/lib/<arch>/libomp.so -> libomp5.so

The target libomp5.so is already maintained by libomp-<ver>-dev to point
into the current  /usr/lib/llvm-<ver> directory.

I continue to keep that symlink in place as a workaround, so I'm not
suffering myself so long as I remember to create it on new installations.

Thanks for considering this request.

James Ronald Lovell <ron163264 at gmail.com>
Huntsville, AL, USA
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