[pkg-lxc-devel] syncing lxcfs from Debian to Ubuntu

Evgeni Golov evgeni at debian.org
Sun Oct 23 15:47:46 UTC 2016


On Sun, Oct 23, 2016 at 11:39:38AM -0400, Stéphane Graber wrote:
> > > I think it would be safe to sync over all of the Debian changes and only keep
> > > -         systemd | cgroup-lite
> > > +         systemd | cgroupfs-mount
> > > as we do not have cgroup-lite in Debian.
> > 
> > But we do have cgroupfs-mount in ubuntu, so we should be able to switch
> > it there.  Not saying I've tried it, but as I recall last I looked there
> > was no reason not to.
> We accidently synced lxcfs a little while back and that caused a fair
> amount of breakage so that's why I've been keeping that delta.
> lxcfs uploads are automatically backported all the way down to precise,
> so it's going to be a while until we can completely drop this part.
> That being said, we may be able to convince our Debian friends to turn
> this into:
>  systemd | cgroupfs-mount | cgroup-lite
> Which should then work fine everywhere and avoid us having to carry that
> delta for another 3 years.

But that only would work, if Debian had cgroup-lite, which it does not.
You could change that, though ;-)
Then I will be more than happy to drop that shitty delta.


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