[Pkg-lxde-maintainers] Bug#809328: lxde-common: package should not depend on a specific window manager

Andriy Grytsenko andrej at rep.kiev.ua
Tue Dec 29 21:38:22 UTC 2015

control: reassign -1 lxde-metapackages 6

Thank you very much for making such suggestion, the lxde actually can be
ran without openbox, yes.

Unfortunately, this exact suggestion is wrong as lxde-common is not a
WM-independent package, it actually isn't a common package needed to run
with any WM but is an x-session package for openbox session, it should
have been named openbox-lxde-session in the first place but due to some
historical reasons is named lxde-common. Actually it even would not work
without openbox until user makes some changes but to make those changes
user should start openbox session first. It's why the lxde-common package
depends on openbox.

To make it possible to use another WM with LXDE the hard dependency on
lxde-common should be removed from lxde metapackage and replaced with
lxde-common|x-session-manager then you can create another session file
instead of /usr/share/xsessions/LXDE.desktop (which uses executables
/usr/bin/openbox-lxde and /usr/bin/startlxde from lxde-common package).
I mean just clone lxde-common files set, modify & rename these mentioned
files and you're done for another WM.

Since said hard dependency on lxde-common in regards of this report is a
bug of lxde-metapackages, I reassign the report to that package.

Although if you would like to reuse /etc/xdg/{lxpanel,pcmanfm}/ files and
wallpapers from lxde-common package then let us know, please, it is still
possible to split said package to create an openbox-lxde-session with all
openbox/lxsession related files in it and leave independent files alone.

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