[Pkg-lxde-maintainers] Bug#914150: pcmanfm: SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault on opening folder

Andriy Grytsenko andrej at rep.kiev.ua
Sat Jan 26 12:03:25 GMT 2019

Nicola has written on Saturday, 26 January, at 11:30:
>Bug still exists. Opening a folder with many subfolder and files pcmanfm crash

That is pretty bad. Thank you for such a notice. I would be glad if you
could help with trace debug, please. For that you have to install debug
symbols for both libfm and pcmanfm - that are libfm-dbg, libfm-gtk-dbg,
pcmanfm-dbg packages. Then attach gdb to the running process, you can do
that using next command:

    gdb pcmanfm $(pidof pcmanfm)

and when you attach to it, simply enter 'c' (which means continue) and
reproduce your issue. When it crashes, please, enter a GDB command to see

    thread apply all bt full

and then send the return of it to me or to BTS to diagnose what happens.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you get into some troubles with GDB.
Thank you in advance.

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