[Pkg-lxde-maintainers] trivial packaging update for lxrandr

Andriy Grytsenko andrej at rep.kiev.ua
Tue Jul 9 20:41:55 BST 2019


Nicolas Boulenguez has written on Tuesday,  9 July, at 18:41:
>I once wrote:

>> Hello.
>> The attached changes are quite trivial and probably do not desserve a
>> bug report.
>> Please consider committing them to the debian branch of the git
>> lxrandr repository.
>> This will hopefully gain you some time next time you upload the
>> package.
>> Thanks for maintaining lxrandr.

>but got no answer, so I am trying again.
>The same patch is attached.
>It needs a (trivial) rebase now.

Thank you for your update. The sole reason it was not added as I thought
about some upstream work but got not enough free time for that before
Debian freeze so left it to be done later. It's completely my fault so
I'm sorry. Now that next stable Debian is released I'll do everthing as
soon as time permits, and I hope that will be next week.

With best regards,

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