[Pkg-lxde-maintainers] Bug#888670: gnome-system-tools: has been unmaintained upstream for a long time

Andriy Grytsenko andrej at rep.kiev.ua
Sun Jan 26 20:55:49 GMT 2020

    Hello Andreas!

You have written on Sunday, 26 January, at 10:36:
>Control: severity -1 serious


>On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 08:27:57PM +0200, Andriy Grytsenko wrote:
>> Thank you for this notice. I will try to find a way and handle this
>> situation ASAP, it's really complicated one, I cannot disagree.

>The python2 removal efforts are upon us and with that gnome-doc-utils
>is about to get removed (as it has been superseeded by yelp a very long
>time ago so porting gnome-doc-utils isn't considered at all).

>The gnome-system-tools package is basically the sole remaining blocker
>for this now and it needs active effort to get ported over to yelp.
>Discussion about this in #947530

>A plan for how gnome-system-tools is going to maintained is desperately
>needed at this point. As there has been no followup on the above 2 year
>old message it's unclear to me if such a plan exists, but my impression
>is that very little has happened in the past 2 years despite many
>outstanding really bothersome bug reports against this package.

>If a plan is not presented very soon it looks like the only viable
>option is to finally file a RoQA: RM bug report to get
>gnome-system-tools removed from the archive, which I'm going to do
>unless there's any evidence of active maintenance.

>I've already notified the sole remaining reverse-dependency,
>parl-desktop, in #888675. I'm also CCing the reverse recommends
>which should either drop their recommends or need to step up
>and help out if they want to see gnome-system-tools package
>continue to be available in the debian archive.

Mea culpa. Got too cluttered with real life events and completely forgot
about this issue. I think it's a time to get to it ASAP, this time for
real. This week I plan to investigate which way is better to solve this
issue and then solve it. I think 10 days should be enough but I hope to
fix it faster than that.

I'm sorry for being so late with that.

With best regards,

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