[Pkg-lxde-maintainers] Bug#932461: lxqt

Andrew Lee ajqlee at debian.org
Thu Jan 14 08:21:57 GMT 2021

Hi Amy,

Those are two independent cases.

Thanks for your explanations.

> The MRs for src:libfm and src:libfm-qt are for xarchiver command.
> Long time ago xarchiver upstream changed from --add-to to --compress
> The best place to change would be upstream lxde and lxqt.
> At least for lxde there is an old bug:
> https://github.com/lxde/libfm/issues/35
> It probably just got forgotten.
> It's broken on buster, we should patch it for bullseye.
> Thanks for the "3.0 (quilt)" hint. I'll try to change the MRs at the end
> of the week.

You may use `dpkg-source --commit` command on top of your modification.
That will ask you the desired patch name and then turns your modification
into a
quilt patch.

> 2.)
> The MR for src:lxqt-metapackages is optional, we don't have to touch it.
> Only if we want lxqt-archiver to be installed as default.
> Therefore it adds lxqt-archiver in first place so it will be installed
> instead of xarchiver when users install lxqt (31) and lxqt-core (31)
> packages.
> (Now we have lxqt (30) and lxqt-core (30) packages which installs
> xarchiver.)
> We should wait until lxqt-archiver enters debian repositories, it is still
> in NEW.

Understood. Let's see how it goes in NEW then.

Best regards,
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