[Pkg-lxde-maintainers] Bug#1005818: task-lxde-desktop: libreoffice is used as default pdf reader

Andriy Grytsenko andrej at rep.kiev.ua
Thu May 12 14:42:08 BST 2022

>> Since evince is automatically installed, it's "just" a matter of setting
>> evince as the default application for PDF - as you already have tried to :-)


Well, if evince is installed then it should exist in the XDG MIME
database and therefore it should be present in the "Open with ..." file
manager menu. Although which application will be launched on simple Open
action is defined by order:
1) use user defined default application for that MIME type
2) use system defined default application for that MIME type
3) use last registered for that MIME type by user
4) use last registered for that MIME type by system

When (1) is used - this is what we do when we associate some file with
some application, as it was said.

Usage of (2) is Debian-wide, you know, and it definitely has no relation
to LXDE package but rather to evince package (which may set system-wide
default to evince at installation and drop it at removal).

I see nothing what could be done in regards of (3) and (4) as we cannot
determine order in which packages (and especially user applications such
as WINE ones) are installed, and there is no preference order in terms of
XDG MIME database.

Please, clarify what we can do in that regard, and probably we should
reassign this issue to evince package instead if we decide it should be
set as system default.


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