Bug#813627: mate-terminal.wrapper doesn't run commands with parameters with -e opti, on

Stefano Salvi stefano at salvi.mn.it
Thu Feb 4 05:57:40 UTC 2016

Il 03/02/2016 21:16, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz ha scritto:
>> In the system only Mate dektop is installed.
>> >Geany invokes x-terminal-emulator -e "/bin/sh ./geany_run_script.sh"
>> >x-terminal-emulator is linked to mate-terminal.wrapper
>> >Mate-terminal.wrapper translates "-e" parameter in the unknown parameter
>> >"-x".
> You are reporting a bug against a very old version of mate-terminal. The
> wrapper script has been re-written for newer versions of mate-terminal,
> you may want to update to a newer version of mate-terminal (and
> therefore MATE) first before reporting a bug here. We're not going to
> fix bugs in older versions.
I found this bug in a FRESH Jessie install, so this is the DISTRIBUTED 
version. This could be a problem...

It would be better if you put the new wrapper version in stable.

Thank you

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