Bug#813010: caja: Shift-Del behaviour is wrong when renaming files

Dark Penguin darkpenguin at yandex.ru
Thu Jan 28 14:58:29 UTC 2016

>> When renaming files in Caja, pressing Shift+Del does not "cut the name";
>> instead, it works as if you wanted to "permanently delete" the file.
>> Ctrl+X works as expected, however.
> Meh, you people are really nitpicky. I would have expected that
> Shift+Del will actually delete the file, not cut the text here.

I find Shift+Del for Cut and Shift+Ins for Paste much more convenient to 
use, and I use those shortcuts all the time. When that does not work as 
expected, it is very uncomfortable...

But yes, I'm as nitpicky as one can get about "user interface should be 
as polished and comfortable as possible", because it directly influences 
the user's experience. I think it is very important. But usually people 
are too lazy to file bugs about such minor things, which is why we have 
a lot of amazing software with UI so buggy that no wonder people prefer 
proprietary software sometimes... =/

 > I think it's arguable whether this is a bug or not. But in any case,

When I am in the process of editing a file name, the "text edition 
shortcut" should obviously be a priority - it should cut selected text. 
Why would I even want to rename a file before Shift-Deleting it?!.. Even 
if I did, I'd just press Escape to cancel or Enter to confirm, and then 
delete the file.

> this is up to the MATE upstream developers what the expected behavior
> of Shift+Del is in this case.
> In fact, you should not test any other Linux distribution, but download
> caja in source from the upstream website, compile it yourself and test
> how the vanilla version behaves.
> If the upstream version behaves as the Debian package, it's an upstream
> bug. If not, they probably changed behavior upstream and caja just
> needs to be updated in Debian. I highly doubt that someone intentionally
> changed this behavior in Debian.

I believe Linux Mint is as vanilla as it gets with MATE. And their 
version works correctly, so they think this behaviour is not expected.

It may be that Mint "fixed" this already, but I think it's been more 
than a year already - why is it still not in Debian?! So I think it's a 
problem with something other than Caja itself - some Debian-specific 
hotkey-snatching subsystems or something. Maybe this problem was never 
even there in Mint. Either way, it's up to the developers to find out 
why is there a problem with Debian, but not with Mint.


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