Bug#813010: caja: Shift-Del behaviour is wrong when renaming files

Dark Penguin darkpenguin at yandex.ru
Thu Jan 28 15:39:37 UTC 2016

> And, no, it's not only up to the developers to figure what causes the
> bug. Both Mate and Debian are community-driven, so if you find a bug
> you would like to get fixed as a user, you should help developers
> with some testing which helps locate the issue.
> The more information you provide, the faster can others fix your
> problem. Remember, many people here don't get paid for fixing these
> things, so they might as well say that they don't care about a bug if
> it takes too much effort to debug and fix it.

Yes, I know; and I absolutely agree - when reporting a bug, I make sure 
to test everything I can think of that I would do if I was the project 
developer. Actually, I like fixing UI problems myself, and I would do it 
if I could, but I'm not yet good enough to deal with things like this...

What I meant is, "it's there in Debian, it's not there in Mint; the only 
people who can find out exactly where it all went wrong is the Debian 
people". Also, the bug report page for Debian said something like, "if 
you're unsure, don't send the report upstream; maybe it's only there in 
Debian - we'll direct it upstream if we have to".

 > Could you please test caja upstream and report back? Linux Mint is
 > not upstream, the MATE project is.
 > And if it turns out that the bug is still present upstream, then
 > you're barking up the wrong tree as Debian just packages most
 > upstream software, we don't develop it.
 > Also, if turns out to be an upstream bug, then you should yell at the
 > Linux Mint people to fix it.

I'm extremely sorry, but it seems that I've provided some wrong 
information. I've just tested it again. The bug IS there in Linux Mint 
Debian Edition 2; however, it is NOT there in Linux Mint 17.3 . (I mixed 
up different Mint distros.) So the problem is upstream, anyway, and it's 
not with Caja - it's with something else that's different between Debian 
and Ubuntu.


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