Bug#813322: Eye of MATE don't set properly herself as default image viewer

Strelok strelkov355 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 31 15:57:10 UTC 2016

Package: eom
Version: 1.8.0

If I'm start Mate LiveCD (downloaded from
I'm get Iceweasel (browser) as default image viewer. Even through
system have already installed Eye of MATE (image viewer). I'm don't
think this is correct way to view images. If I'm try setup Debian with
Mate desktop, system randomly select default viewer from Eom,
Iceweasel and Gimp. And if I'm get Gimp (graphical editor!) as default
image viewer it seems like bad joke. In other words Eom don't set
properly herself as default image viewer. I'm can understand if it
conflict between two image viewers. But image viewer must have
priority over browser (Iceweasel)/graphical editor (Gimp) when we talk
about view jpg files from disk.

And, yes, yes, I'm can just change default image viewer to any program
I'm like. But I'm through setting must be correct from the start.

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