Bug#842786: Packages which fail when built with overlayfs

Johannes Schauer josch at mister-muffin.de
Wed Nov 2 11:51:26 UTC 2016


Quoting Santiago Vila (2016-11-02 12:25:04)
> I've discovered that some packages

plural? I only see one package in that bugreport.

> FTBFS when built with overlayfs:
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=842786
> Does this mean this feature is not stable enough to be used widely yet?

It might, if I were able to reproduce this. But I am unable to. It builds
successfully here with the most recent sbuild and linux 4.6. And I see that
Jeremy Bicha made the same experience.

The only confirmed overlayfs problem I ever recall having run into was:


Namely, overlayfs does not support renaming directories which live in the
underlying file system. But this is not a problem when building packages
because these unpack in new directories. It is only relevant for package
upgrades during the build and that problem can be fixed by either building with
--no-apt-upgrade or by upgrading the underlying chroot with "sbuild-update

So I would not say that it's not stable enough to be used widely yet. This is
also why overlayfs is the default for new directory-type chroots created by
sbuild-createchroot on systems that support overlayfs.


cheers, josch
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