Re: Stretch freeze and the possible future upload of MATE 1.18

Vlad Orlov monsta at
Tue Nov 8 13:25:36 UTC 2016


>>> Or does something else count as transition? E.g. if some of MATE
>>> packages would change dependency from libmateweather to libgweather.
>> No. This should be fine.
> That's fine indeed. Porting your apps (or even libraries, as long as you don't
> break the ABI) from a library to another, e.g. from mateweather to libgweather,
> or from libunique to GtkApplication is fine.

Good to hear! :)

> Review is required after the full freeze (a freeze exception). Between soft
> freeze and full freeze, a new version can be uploaded, but beware of the 10 day
> migration delay, possible build failures, RC bugs, new dependencies... that
> could delay your package migration. So don't upload 10 days before the freeze,
> do it with more margin as to allow for any necessary fixes.

Alright, I've seen the recent announcement [1] and it says that soft freeze is indeed
quite "soft". We're not adding new source packages, so it shouldn't be hard for us.
I'll remember about 10 days migration just in case.

> So yes, I'd suggest to get everything released and uploaded sometime in
> December, to then have a little time to get everything migrated.

I hope we'll finish the work on 1.18 in December, but I also would like to have some
additional time in case some major bugs would block our upstream release...


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