Bug#853288: Bug#851311: closed by Mike Gabriel <sunweaver at debian.org> (Bug#851311: fixed in caja 1.16.2-1)

Ayke van Laethem aykevanlaethem at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 16:30:36 UTC 2017

> But they are in 3.22.6. Are you sure you have 3.22.6 of MATE Themes
> installed? Not sure why your are still having those issue.

I just reinstalled mate-themes (apt-get install --reinstall
mate-themes). This is version 3.22.6-1.
When I open the file
/usr/share/themes/BlackMATE/gtk-3.0/mate-applications.css at line ~219
it does not contain this line:

    color: @theme_fg_color;

This line was added with one of the above commits. So I can only
conclude that the patch isn't included.

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