Bug#910861: Update

Bruninksbeek at posteo.de Bruninksbeek at posteo.de
Mon Oct 15 16:16:07 BST 2018

Dear maintainer

I wrote that I use Debian Jessie with the MATE desktop environment. 
However, I should have written that I use Stretch with the MATE desktop 
environment. I upgraded from Jessie to Stretch only two months ago.

Furthermore, the Bug Tracking System has indicated that 
mate-system-tools 1.8.1+dfsg1-2 belongs to Oldstable, which struck me in 

I submitted my bug report to mate-system-tools, not knowing that that 
package does not belong to Stretch.

It has turned out that I still had 35 packages that belonged to Jessie 
installed, and I also had 145 remnant configurations of packages that 
belonged to Jessie.

I have removed the 35 obsolete packages and the 145 remnant 

However, the problem remains.

The application to manage the main menu of MATE shows that the command 
line that is used for 'Users and groups' is 'mate-users-admin'. That 
command is obsolete in Stretch, but I do not know what it should be.

Furthermore, it still is not possible to start the application to manage 
users and groups from the MATE Configuration Centre.

So there seem to be serious configuration faults in MATE resulting from 
upgrading from Jessie to Stretch.

Kind regards


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