mate-dialogs_1.6.1-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into mate-stefanok

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at
Mon Oct 21 20:45:19 UTC 2013

Hi Stefano,

On  Mi 16 Okt 2013 22:41:10 CEST, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

> On 10/16/2013 05:33 PM, AutoMate wrote:
>> Thank you for your contribution to mate-stefanok.
> I'm a bit confused. Why are these mails going to the list for the
> official Debian packaging? Those are your personal repositories,
> aren't these?
> I don't think we should have these mails here as well to avoid
> confusion and I'd rather had them turned off.

I would go further than that... I even think that the packages we  
prepare for Debian are not suitable for your upstream .deb archive at  

Of course, all achievements in packaging for Debian should be merge  
into your upstreamly provided .deb packages, but there should be  

Different version. I recommend a -0 revision (or no revision at all)  
for .debs provided by upstream


If you figure out that your package requires a fix, then this fix can  
be uploaded as


If Debian provides packages of 1.6.1 upstream version, then you should  
presume that official Debian packages are superior to packages  
provided by upstream (because the Debian Developers highly integrate  
their packages with all the other packages in Debian). So, the first  
upload of 1.6.1 upstream in Debian (1.6.1-1) should always replace any  
package you (in the role of upstream) provided earlier.

The maintainer address may differ for packages provided via some  
upstream .deb package archive.

In some projects I find it easier to build upstream packages as native  
packages (you do not need orig tarballs for those).

You may want to have a debian/* folder that fits for more than one  
Debian version and maybe also for non-Debian distros (Ubuntu, Mint,  
etc.). This, in the long run, may lead to hacks in the packaging  
folder. In the long term, the package provided by upstream will not  
meet all requirements of the Debian policy, but rather focus on being  
buildable on as many distros and distro versions (with different tool  
chains) as possible.


Furthermore, on IRC I stated today that mate-dialogs is ready for  
upload. With that I meant: add the ITP number, mark it as released,  
then test-build, then have someone else review it, then build, then  
upload... So, all-in-all you uploaded unfinished work to your repos.



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