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Hi Vangelis,

On  Mi 22 Jan 2014 17:41:49 CET, Vangelis Mouhtsis wrote:

> [...]

I posted my feedback on IRC, but I just thought it might be good to  
have it copied to the ML, as well:

1. debian/changelog:
10:35 < sunweaver> gnugr: this is about me becoming picky now...
10:35 < sunweaver> I prefer "Initial release. (Closes: #730320)"  
ending with a dot/full-stop.
10:35 < sunweaver> so, what I do is...
10:35 < sunweaver> "Initial  release. (Closes:  #730320).
10:36 < sunweaver> Actually, all my changelog entries end with a full-stop.
10:36 < sunweaver> full-stop (BE) is period in (American English) I  
just learned

2. debian/control:
10:37 < sunweaver> gnugr: you are right, the Maintainer field of  
package eom lacks the e-Mail address.
10:37 < sunweaver> please add it.

3. debian/watch:
10:38 < sunweaver> for the eom/debian/watch file, we have to do some  
name mangling...
10:39 < sunweaver> the tarball is called  
mate-image-viewer-<version>.tar.gz whereas the Debian package's orig  
tarbal is called eom_<version>.orig.tar.gz
10:40 < sunweaver> so we have to rename map between mate-image-viewer  
and eom when using the watch file to obtain the upstream tarbal.
10:41 < sunweaver> check the marco/debian/watch file for an example  
how to do this filename mangling:

4. debian/copyright:
10:44 < sunweaver> In eom/debian/copyright: we should put new and old  
upstream name in Upstream-Name: field.
10:44 < sunweaver> check marco/debian/copyright for an example.

Good work + Please fix! + Greets,


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