Please show compiler commands in mate builds

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at
Sun Mar 30 13:33:43 UTC 2014

Hi Jackson,

On  Mo 24 Mär 2014 21:35:33 CET, Jackson Doak wrote:

> Can we please turn on compiler commands during the build process? This
> allows the automatic build log checker on to check
> for hardening issue and some code errors.
> This can be fixed by adding --disable-silent-rules to the configure options
> in debian/rules

I have now applied that configure option to the latest upload of  

Please be so kind and add that option to all 1.8 package that are  
already in Debian testing/unstable. Please directly push to our Git  
projects on Alioth. Packages that are currently in Debian NEW, I have  
to look through (once they get accepted by ftpmasters) myself, so I  
will add that configure option then.

For packages that are not yet in Debian unstable or in NEW, I (or  
someone else) will add that option there.

To remind us on that, I have added a note on our wiki page about that [1].



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