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John Paul Adrian Glaubitz glaubitz at
Tue Apr 8 16:15:39 UTC 2014

On 04/08/2014 05:46 PM, Vangelis Mouhtsis wrote:
> I don't quiet understand what this line
> "[[[insert-git-dch-commit-message-here]]]"
> needs (i think i should remove it).

I don't know either, haven't seen this before :). Did you commit all
your previous changes before running git-dch? In any case, this
message should be dropped.

Mind that the distribution is also set to UNRELEASED by git-dch.

> And please my next step is to re-commit again debian/changelog?

I don't understand why re-commit? As I said before, you run git-dch
*before* you commit the changelog. In fact, you run it before
creating the changelog entry for the new version.

> or i should
> push as it is and Mike will do the final changes?

No, don't push it yet.

Can you do a

	git format-patch origin

and post the patches to the mailing list?


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