mate-media build errors after --fail-missing

Vangelis Mouhtsis vangelis at
Sun May 11 19:11:09 UTC 2014

Στις 2014-05-11 21:53, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz έγραψε:
> Hi Vangelis!
> On 05/11/2014 08:47 PM, Vangelis Mouhtsis wrote:
>> test-build for mate-media failed:
>> dh_install -pmate-media  --fail-missing
>> dh_install: usr/share/MateConf/gsettings/mate-volume-control.convert
>> exists in debian/tmp but is not installed to anywhere
>> dh_install: missing files, aborting
> It's the very same error you received yesterday when trying to build
> mate-screensaver, dh_install fails because it was run with the option
> "--fail-missing" and there is at least one file which isn't installed
> anywhere.
> Did you read the manpage for dh_install as I suggested? Regarding
> --fail-missing, the manpage explains:
> --fail-missing
>            This option is like --list-missing, except if a file was
>            missed, it will not only list the missing files, but also
>            fail with a nonzero exit code.
> Adrian
Adrian hi,
Thank you, builded, and yes i did read the manpages but i think is
much more helpful a cross-opinion for me to avoid common mistakes.

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