Bug#750497: don't use sysconf(_SC_SYMLOOP_MAX), please

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de
Thu Jun 5 07:23:48 UTC 2014

clone #750497 -1
retitle -1 mate-menus fails to execute due to Debian/Hurd patch (see #750497)
severity -1 grave

Hi Adam,

On  Mi 04 Jun 2014 01:07:21 CEST, Adam Borowski wrote:

> I'm afraid this patch doesn't work.  It makes the code compile, but if you
> try to execute it, it will assume any symlinks form a loop.
> The relevant snippet is:
>                                 if (++num_links > MAXSYMLINKS)
>                                 {
>                                         errno = ELOOP;
>                                         goto error;
>                                 }
> which fails to execute if the returned value is -1.  Linux' headers use an
> arbitrary bogus value of MAXSYMLINKS 20 to let old code work, Hurd guys
> decided that it's better for wrong code to fail at compilation stage.
> It's the same story as MAX_PATH.
> sysconf(_SC_SYMLOOP_MAX) returns -1 on Linux as well.

with so much background knowledge on this, do you think you can  
provide a patch for the patch?

Should we simply set MAXSYMLINKS to this value of 20 instead?


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