Bug#753793: mate: the xscreensaver demon is not started automatically

Stefano Karapetsas stefano at karapetsas.com
Sat Jul 5 10:04:33 UTC 2014

 From xscreensaver README.Debian:

XScreenSaver autostart

There is an example desktop file for XDG-compliant session managers
in /usr/share/xscreensaver called xscreensaver-daemon.desktop

If you want XScreenSaver to autostart in your sessions just copy it
to ~/.config/autostart , or if you want it for all users copy it
to /etc/xdg/autostart . If you don't need to modify it, consider
soft-linking it instead of copying, so that future improvements will
take effect automatically.

The use of a NotShowIn option can be useful if you install the desktop
file globally but have several desktop environments installed.

For instance, if you have nuked gnome-screensaver and replaced it
by xscreensaver, using a desktop file globally will be handy, but in
that case you should use NoShowIn=KDE; just to avoid starting it in
KDE sessions.

If you use xscreensaver in other xdg-compliant environments
but gnome-screensaver and kscreensaver for Gnome and KDE, using
NoShowIn=KDE;GNOME; might suit your purpose.

Note that the example desktop file does not start the daemon directly
but via a wrapper script. This wrapper is intended to set the
newLoginCommand resource correctly depending on the currently
running display manager.

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