Bug#766464: gksu pluma <any_file> sets the ownership of /run/user/1000/dconf/user to root:root

Vlad Orlov monsta at inbox.ru
Thu Oct 23 10:17:51 UTC 2014

Package: pluma
Version: 1.8.1+dfsg1-2
Severity: important

Steps to reproduce:

0. Have a Debian Testing installation, fully updated, with pluma installed.
1. Run gksu pluma <any_file>. Even the files in your ~ will do.
2. ls -l /run/user/1000/dconf/user
3. Notice that the ownership of that file changed from you:you to root:root.

You might also need to do some additional steps, like saving the file or
simply opening the preferences dialog. But with the latest Testing updates
I've found out it's enough to just run the editor.

Impact on the system:

Various unrelated apps might start eating 100% CPU or a lot of memory,
or break in other ways. If run from the console, they will show you this:

(dconf-editor:2593): dconf-CRITICAL **: unable to create file '/run/user/1000/dconf/user': Permission denied.  dconf will not work properly.

Additional note:

Does NOT happen if you use gksudo instead of gksu.

Why reported against pluma instead of gksu:

I've tried a couple of other text editors - leafpad, mousepad - and they don't
exhibit such a behavior, /run/user/1000/dconf/user stays owned by me.

Feel free to reassign the report if you think I've missed something.

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