Bug#766464: gksu pluma <any_file> sets the ownership of /run/user/1000/dconf/user to root:root

Vlad Orlov monsta at inbox.ru
Fri Oct 24 11:40:02 UTC 2014


> The issue does not occur with leafpad nor mousepad as both don't use
> dconf under their bonnet.

Ahh... I had no idea. Thanks for pointing that out.
And gedit indeed uses dconf, and I've managed to reproduce this issue
there, though for some reason it's not always reproducible.

> Please track this issue down further. Try to find out, what
> application / library really changes ownership on
> /run/user/1000/dconf/user (you can use the strace command for that).

Ok, I'll try that.

BTW, do you have any idea how gksu might be related to that?
(In particular, why gksu triggers the bug while gksudo doesn't)

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