mate-applet-lockkeys 2nd effort

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz glaubitz at
Tue Jan 27 08:46:02 UTC 2015

Why does it still say "no copyright" for the files * in debian/copyright and why don't you claim the copyright for the files in the debian directory for yourself? If you created them, you are the copyright holder, not Mike or Stefano. And according to European law, you cannot even transfer the copyright. If you wrote it, then you have the copyright.

And please write "Initial release." in debian/changelog and don't forget to include to close an ITP bug. Starting "release" with a capital letter is simply a grammar mistake since the English language uses capitalization for names and places only unlike German. So, it's "Initial release", not "Initial Release".

The description in debian/control is still two short. Should be at least 2-3 sentences long speaking about features etc.


> On Jan 27, 2015, at 9:36 AM, Vangelis Mouhtsis <vangelis at> wrote:
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> Hi all,
> Please consider and make suggestions for this new package
> especially for copyright and control files.
> Anyone is welcomed to help.
> Greets
> gnugr
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> 5rQiyO2DZBE5ps2lWxEo6h/8+w13pTVcCN4WsZwAMk7oi0oVz7EugP8/a4rjM4Eh
> +Aja99fKyB+VBB//lYGIp1A2wKSSNVM3aPNCpnQcIHfNfvwNeaIHN9GhLDyQ356h
> 3vP5fuURslt2PK5mDOIzl2wUWIcjFVomIL4uZ8pDhj9uO2pMPKqQoof25tMjD1M=
> =jYRI
> <changelog>
> <compat>
> <control>
> <copyright>
> <rules>
> <watch>
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