mate-menu 1st packaging effort

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at
Fri Feb 6 03:50:29 UTC 2015

HI Vangelis,

On  Mi 04 Feb 2015 18:41:20 CET, Vangelis Mouhtsis wrote:

> Mike hi,
> Please review my attempt for mate-menu
> Thanks
> gnugr

debian/changelog: OK

debian/compat: OK


   o why section "admin"? (Other MATE packages are in Section: X11).
   o add trailing commas to every Depends/Replaces/Suggests fields
   o The LONG_DESCRIPTION only has two lines, this will throw a lintian
   -> all listed issues are minor, not commit blocker!


   o should list all files that are in the upstream sources
   -> TODO
   -> can be done after initial commit+push

debian/install: OK

debian/lintian-overrides: half-OK

   o /me thinks we should fix that image file in libdir issue

debian/postinst: OK

   o minor: /me likes tabs in bash files instead of four-space indentation

debian/rules: looks OK

debian/source/format: seems empty

   o please put "3.0 (quilt)" into its first and only line


   -> can be added after initial commit

Please go ahead and push your initial commit. Please fix the above  
listed issues after your first push.



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