Bug#770435: mate-desktop: Keyboard layout incorrectly set

Sébastien Hinderer Sebastien.Hinderer at inria.fr
Wed Mar 4 12:39:34 UTC 2015


Mike Gabriel (2015/03/04 11:11 +0000):
> Control: tag -1 moreinfo
> Hi,
> On  Fr 21 Nov 2014 09:44:11 CET, Sébastien Hinderer wrote:
> >In console mode, the keyboard layout is french, as expected.
> >
> >When the X server starts, its logs show that it is correctly loading the
> >french keyboard layout.
> >
> >In MATE, when going to the Preferences menu, then keyboard, the keyboard
> >layout is correctly set to french.
> >
> >However, in applications such as mate terminal or Firefox, theactual layout
> >is qwerty,namely an english layout.
> I cannot confirm this (using a German keyboard).
> @pkg-mate-team: can others with non-en_US keyboards confirm this???
> Can you please:
>   o install a fresh Debian jessie system
>   o configure the system to be localized to your needs
>     (including LANG, Keyboard settings, etc.)
>   o install MATE desktop environment (a fresh install, as I said).
> If the issue persists (or if you cannot reproduce), get back to us and give
> feedback.

I'm sorry -- I won't be able to do that, due to a lackof time.
Many thanks for the attention to this bug, though.

For the moment, the workaround I use is to add an application to those
that are automatically launched at mate startup, namely
sh -c "setxkbmap fr"

I don't know why sh -c is necessary and why notthe command alone, I
found this on the Internet. That works...


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