Bug#746339: caja: Caja crashed, but spawn infinity, unable to launch others.

Demolins Martial mdemolins at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 16:30:44 UTC 2015

I get the same problem, with the same error message as described here :

I have an up-to-date Debian Jessie x86_64.
KDE, Fluxbox and Mate from the official repos.

I tried various workaround found here and there, but none of them fixed the
crash for me.
Removing all .gnome* or .dconf from ~ didn't change anything.

It's hard to diagnostic, because the entries in the Mate taskbar doesn't
allow to show the window which they should be attached to.
And when the constant tasks spontaneous generation stops, I can't run Caja
anymore, even with tools like valgrind, because a "max" seems to be reached.

So I don't know how to investigate this problem.

I can do any test and try that you want to help you.

Thanks in advance for your attention.
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