Bug#775120: task-mate-desktop: Should install mate-system-tools

Cyril Brulebois kibi at debian.org
Mon May 11 03:34:41 UTC 2015


Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de> (2015-05-11):
> mate-system-tools has been added last minute to the set of available
> MATE packages in Debian (that's is the reason why id did not get added
> as dep to any of the meta packages).

OK, I see.

> Furthermore, mate-system-tools will be deprecated for MATE 1.10. Thus,
> I'd suggest closing this bug with won't fix for stretch/unstable. And
> for jessie, the issue is not severe enough to justify a j-p-u upload

On the basis that a potential dependency should be in some mate meta
package (which one?) instead of task-mate-desktop, I'm closing this bug
report against tasksel. From a quick look, I don't think it would be a
bad thing to try and fix the missing dependency issue in jessie though.
Feel free to x-debbugs-cc me in case you file a jessie-pu bug for this.

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