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Colorize different quoting levels in e-mail messages
 With this extensions installed up to five quoting levels can be displayed in
 different colors making it easier to read e-mails with lots of quoted replies.
 Foreground and background colors can be customised.
Changes: quotecolors (0.3-2) unstable; urgency=low
  * [37249f2] Switch to dpkg-source 3.0 (quilt) format
  * [499da54] bump up standard version to 3.9.2
  * [20ff9bb] remove links for obsolete icedove-3.0 package
  * [858495c] rename source package to quotecolors and binary package to
    xul-ext-quotecolors (Closes: #573532)
  * [cccbe3d] use dh/mozilla-devscripts and adjust package style to Debian
    Mozilla Extension Policy
  * [f44fe75] adjust Vcs tags to new source package name
  * [1c02141] rebuild patch queue from patch-queue branch
    added patches:
    - 0001-support-icedove-3.1.patch (Closes: #635628)
    - 0002-fix-RDF-validation-errors-in-install.rdf.patch
    removed patches:
    - 0001-We-support-version-1.5-too.patch
  * [9062ac6] DM-Upload-Allowed is superfluous since I'm DD
  * [feecb44] debhelper overrides need debhelper version >= 7.0.50~

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