[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Bug#690998: Simple rebuild fixes theses issues

Helge Kreutzmann debian at helgefjell.de
Fri Jun 7 19:54:28 UTC 2013

a) the recent security update for *stable* broke tabmix as well (not only
sid/jessie version) => please tag 690998 appropriatly

b) the build system (how to get the orig.tar.bz2) is not documented,
upstream does not provide those files. Please document the (albeit
simple) procedure in a README.source file. This took me most of the

c) I'm not sure if the upstream site from the watch file is meant for
downloading, it shows strange warnings when logging in with ncftp

d) After creating the orig.tar.bz2 and adding a (simple) changelog
entry, a simple rebuild on stable with tab_mix_plus-
worked without error.

e) This rebuild fixes 690998, 690180 and 690798, I haven't yet checked

*Please* provide official debs for stable and sid, if there is
any test you would like me to run please contact me. Having tab
handling broken in stable is not a nice situation at all.

(I'm not a DD, so I cannot NMU, but given the trivial update any
developer should be able to reproduce the debs)



[1] Step by step:
    a) create a directory named tabmixplus-
    b) move the xpi within tabmixplus-
    c) cd tabmixplus-
    d) unzip *.xpi
    e) rm *.xpi
    f) cd ..
    g) tar cvjf tabmixplus_0.4.1.0.orig.tar.bz2  tabmixplus-
    and for the debs
    h) cd tabmixplus-
    i) tar xzvf ../tabmixplus_0.4.0.2-1.debian.tar.gz
    j) dch -i
    k) debuild

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